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It's official I'm a cat owner

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I've always read about this in jokes etc never thought it would happen to me, but stumbling to the kitchen to make a coffee, what do I do?? I stepped in cat puke in my bare feet!
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That definitely makes it official!!!!!
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Oh Yeah! It's Official! LOL!!!

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Kudos to you!!! You are definately living the cat life now
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Hey at least kitty didn't yack on your carpet - Seeee your baby was considerate!!!!
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EEEEEEWWWWWW and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have joined the elite!!
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Oh, yuck.

Congratulations .
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Yup, sounds official!!
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If stepping in cat puke makes you an official cat owner, I must be the #1 cat owner. j/j. My cat has an inflammatory stomach disease and takes prednisone but that only helps a little bit, she now only throws up twice a week instead of every day. lol.
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Yup, been there, done that. Not a pleasant way to wake up!
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Have a great day, Cabbie.

Smiles and cheers!
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Ack! Congratulations!
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You can't avoid it!!

well, congrats!
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Yes, you have been officially baptized. Almost as bad as stepping on a slug in bare feet, no?
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Oh Christy, that's REALLY gross. I hate walking on the driveway in bare feet after it's been raining and 'crunch', you've sent a snail to heaven - EEEEWWWWW!
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Sent a snail to heaven That's a good one!

Awww I tell you 6 cats do alot of puke! and the cattery cats EWWW ..LOL Gotta Love Em, We're blessed
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This is one of the ickiest threads ever! Cabbie started it, though!
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Well, it's the first step! (no pun intended!) It's really official when kitty brings you a lovely mouse for a treat! Ohhh, it's absolutely mandatory that you thank her profusely.
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