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Looking for pictures of babies and cats!

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Im trying to run a little campaign for pregnant women here.

My sister is pregnant, and women at her forums keep asking what to do with their cats.
In Israel, one of the main reasons for abandoning cats - is a first child or pregnancy.

I want to show the ladies it can be done! I have already published a great article that Anne wrote and gave me, and now I think its time for pictures!!

Lhezza - I saw an awesome picture in the "Pet rescue" (feeding pets) thread. Can you email it to me?

Thanks, guys! wish me luck!
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I haven't been able to find any pics yet but I found some really good articles about this topic here, here and here.

I'll keep looking for pics for you.
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Thanks, Kumbulu! I appreciate it!
the articles are great.

Anyone been able to find some pictures?

(Lhezza, where did you get that wondeful picture you posted?)
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We have some on the forums here, I just can't remember who the poster was who showed us the picture of her ragdoll kitty lying with her child???
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Yes, it was on the "Make free donations for animal rescue" thread, by Lhezzza... Im hoping she will email it to me, its an absolutely awesome picture! and serves the exact cause I am after!

I will search other threads as well, maybe I will find some more. Thanks!
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Nunny--I think I may have some of me and my first cat in my photo album (as a baby my family had a great big old yellow tiger cat named Felix). He's still my favorite cat of all time.

My Mom was scared to have a baby and cats in the house too so she left me in my crib in front of a window and then went outside leaving Felix in the house with me alone. She stood outside the window and waited to see what would happen. Felix apparently sauntered into the room, got up and peered into my crib, then went out of the room and she could see him looking around the house, then he came back into the room and got into the crib, sniffed me all over and then curled up next to me and fell asleep with a paw on top of me. At that moment she knew the cats would never hurt me, but rather protect me and Felix and I were friends from that point on.

I'll scan some of those old photos in tonight or tomorrow morning and make them available to you. You can use the story too.
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What a neat story, Erika!

I was raised around cats, too. My "big sister" was a cat named Kahlua. I'll ask my mom if she has any pic's of me or my brother with the cats when we were little.
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What a cute story Erika!
I just realized that I have a baby and cats, but no picures of them together! I´ll start making some tomorrow! When do you need this?
I only have a few photos of my son in a catbed, you can see one of them on the bottom of this page
I think it´s quite cute.
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My parents have lots of pictures of me in the doghouse. Your son reminded me of that. I used to get into more trouble with the Momma dog than with my own Mom.

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Erika, thats an awesome story. You can be sure I will use it, and any pics you have!!!

Thanks for the help, girls!!

Pollyana, I can't wait to see you cats and babies together!
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Just trying something:

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I can't believe it!!!! thats the first time I have managed to post a picture!!!!!

Sherall, you're grandkids are adorable!!! and the cats too...
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