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One Cat Leads to Another...

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Thanks to Wind_Danzer here at TCS, we have another kitty in The Pride! Tonight, we picked up Tillie Lilly, a very pretty and refined little longhaired orange lass of about 9 yrs. She is just such a sweetie! She's no bigger than Max, probably about 7 lbs total.
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What a pretty little face. She looks so demure.
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Wow! You've got your hands full with all of those cats! Tillie makes 13, right! More power to ya, girl!

Congrats on the new addition...she's a beaute!
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Yes, lucky for me 13 has always been my lucky number ever since I was about 9 yrs old and found a $20 bill on the ground on a Friday the 13th.

She does looks like a very ladylike, mannered kitty. She's a tiny one, almost all hair. Those eyes are soooo big right now since she is all nervous about her new home. Some of the kitties have met her already...Sasha completely ignored her. Jules ran up to her and tried to rub noses, but she hissed at him and flattened her ears no signs of agression at all, though, which is a wonderful thing. The other kitties were then banished from the computer room. They had sneaked in when my BF opened the door.

(BTW, the great folks we got her from insisted that we take some money for helping them out. We are thinking of that as the first step towards one day having a real cat rescue!)
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What a pretty little girl! Hope all goes well introducing her to the other dozen.
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That's super!! She's gorgeous I wanna'nother kitty...LOL

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Congatulations!!! She is gorgeous!
My dream is to have 5 cats, but I will have to wait untill I have a larger home, but WOW!, you are so lucky to have 13 cats.
And also a wonderful dream to have your own rescue, I would love to do the same. Here in Iceland there´s only one rescue center, and from what I have heard of from other countries, I don´t think this is a nice one
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awwwwww so cute!!!!!!!! looks like a little lion!
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She sure is a pretty gal!!!
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I wish I could adopt more than just the two I have, but I am not in a position to do so at this time in my life. I am glad that you are able to care for 13 lucky kitties. My personal limit would probably be four cats. Good for you!!
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Sue, congratulations on number 13! She is beautiful, and you are an absolute for giving all these kitties a wonderful life.
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Well, she is hiding under the dresser in here now. Lilith came in the room and sniffed by where she was, and got snarled at. Jules walked by later and got spit at. I tossed two treats and only got a hiss. I guess that is improvement!
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Awwwww mate, it'll be no time before she's 'running with the mob'!
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Congratulations!! Lucky 13 the day my oldest daughter was born. He will make a nice addition to the pride.
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Pretty kitty!! 13 cats! WOW!! They must be everywhere in your house!! I d love to see pictures of all of them if you can..
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13 has always been a lucky number in my family, too, LOL!

This is another gorgeous pic of your new addition. It's been a few more days now... how's it going?
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It had been going very well until sometime on Friday. She started hiding again, and on Saturday got into the attic. Not a problem, all the cats hang out up there. But she is hiding under a chair up there and has not come out since. Unless she came down for food, water and litterbox when we were sleeping, she hasn't since then. Of course, this is not a good thing, so we put some food and water up there for her near her hiding spot. I kept the others from getting up there for a few hours, and saw that she had eaten, drank and used the box, so that is a good thing. But she is still hiding and won't come to us. She had been coming to us for a few days when we called her name, would climb on our laps and get petted and kissed. I feel like we are moving backwards....
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She's so beautiful! I love orange kitties!
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Sue, do you already have the Feliway "system?" We have four cats in a really small area, and we were very worried about the introduction of Tuxedo (the fourth). It went really well at first, but then he got comfortable, and started going after all the other kitties. I ordered the Feliway system from Petsmart on-line (there isn't one near us). It's like an air-freshener plug in. It is supposedly distributing a sythetic pheremone that mimics the scent in cats' cheeks. I'd read about it in a cat behavior book by a Vet initially, and it was being recommended as a way to stop "inappropriate" scratching. It supposedly helps to reduce stress for kitties and is recommended for multi-cat households. I don't know if it would help in your situation, but it seems to have helped in ours. The cats wrestle and there are alpha-challenges from time-to-time, but Tuxedo really is less aggressive since we've plugged in the Feliway. Do you have any outlets up in the attic? She might find it reassuring???

Of course, the best thing is to just let her adjust on her own schedule. I'm sure you already know all the tricks for making cats as comfortable as possible in their new home... (have you read any of the articles available through the main page of TCS? You may find a few ideas you haven't used already...???)

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Right now we have the "regular" Feliway spray bottle and I have been spraying it like a madwoman for weeks here

I want to get the plug in, but I haven't seen it around. I will probably order one online when I get paid on Friday.
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