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Makes me laugh

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My cat should be a comedian...I am always laughing at her ways. She came in with so many cobwebs on her face she could not see. I knew right away she went under my neighbors mobile home. I feel safe letting her go out until dusk, no dangerous roads, gated mobile home park, no loose dogs.Speed bumps and 10mph limit. The other day she was in her cat bed, all covered up{loooves to be covered}, and all you could see was 4 legs sticking out, the bed is sooo little she looked like a whale in a pond as comparison, she has a bed her size, but would rather sleep in the other half her size cats bed.And today I caught her with her head stuck way down in the goldfish bowl...always up to something. Linda:
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She's sounds like a sweetie Have Fun!

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LOL! Now your cat definitely sounds like quite a character! What's her name?
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What a cute kitty!
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Linda - What a funny story, LOL! What would we do without furry comedians? The cob webs on the face cracks me up, how cute!! On occasion, our "Orange Boy," GoGo walks in the house with black dirt all over his face—LOL! That's when we know that he was rolling in the chiminia we have on our porch.

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Linda, she sounds like a wonderful girl to have around. Give her some scritches from me. I'd love to see a pic of her.
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She sounds so much like Fluffy...the cobwebs and all..soo cute!!
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She sounds like lots of fun.
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Her name is Liberty Belle because I got her on my birthday 9/11 when the terrorists hit NYC. A man was giving away orphan 3 week old kitties because the mom cat was hit by a car and killed. And my next cat I adopted to free her from the gas chamber, and her name is Freedom Belle. They are both torties. Eventually I will submit a picture, I don`t have a digital canmera, but will take pics and have put on disc. Linda
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I do have to share something else about Liberty Belle. She is smart. Her foil ball went under the rocking chair and she wanted it back. She seemed to actually think about it... then she jumped on the rocker and made it rock. She jumped down and as it rocked she did a quick in out motion as the rocker went up and down and got that ball! And she loves to be swung around in high circles in a big clear plastic bag{little air holes in it, and Imput well out of her reach when we are done}, but she sees that bag and runs right in for her ride! Heavy duty bag, too, she is 12lbs. Linda
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You have a really ideal cat! She is a piece of fun, and she is smart... Can we have at her pictures? She must be a beauty!
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I will get some film and have developed to disc, shouls be done in about another week. Linda
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Awww! LOL! Curiousity is a kitty's trademark! That's too cute!
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Your little girl sounds like mine. I've actually come into the bathroom and caught her trying to flush the toilet. LOL She looked so guilty! I guess I'm glad she never learned. Once when my whole family was staying with me she turned on my answering machine and played all the messages in the middle of the night. Scared the heck out of everyone!

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Linda, I had to laugh at the thought of Liberty Belle going round and round in the bag!

My Step-mum's birthday is on September 11th too. They did an article on the TV about encouraging mums who gave birth on that day to celebrate the new life of their baby, rather than thinking of the tradgedy of that day. I try and think of it that way. After all, your birthday is a celebration of the day you came into the world.
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Going round and round in the bag is just like a Disneyland ride to her, hey, and a good workout for my arms, as she is not light! Thanks for the positive thoughts on my date of birth! Linda
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