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Then you can adopt the other sister and call her Polar...or glacier...Pretty kitty with a beautiful name.....She does look like a spirited one though! LOL
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Sorry Ken but I'm agreeing with Sandy on this one. BTW, you probably heard by now that I've adopted her sister and will be calling her Sugar. Now how about some competition at the shows. Also, what type of dog is white with black spots? Hint, her name is not Daisy. (private joke and Ken can explain if he wants to). Also, you clerk for me and I have to say that you do not have the sailor mouth at least when you're talking with me in the show ring. Outside of the show ring, we can have some serious bad mouths. Hey gang, it's all in fun. I always request Ken as my clerk and he's a wonderful person. Sandie's very lucky but Ken's luckier to have Sandy.

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Love the name! This is my favorite thread to revisit currently, because I get to look at those pictures. She is such a doll!

Ok, Frannie, thanks for letting us know you are taking the sister. Saves me a lot of plotting how to get her from Connecticut to Florida.
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You Lucky women!! I wish it was me. I'd love to have more kitties by my hubby has a hard time with the 2 we have.
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I love the name! And Congrads to Frannie on adopting Sugar. Rene did not tell me you adopted her. I look forward to seeing you at the next show

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Okay, Okay, Okay....
I was not aware that there was a breed of dog call a dogo... I just thought that Daisy was just a reall big dalmation with a few (like12 or so) spots... so not knowing I just never asked heheheheh wasn't until i actually called her dalmation that I found out.
I would write more but it's kinda hard to concentrate whilst the little munchkin couple is busy trying to make babies. The male just figured out how... so he seems to b releasing 12 months of pent up maleness about every 5 minutes or so.... Lucky cat...

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Hummmm, sounds like your having an interesting evening at your place
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Ummmm yeah actually , My daughter is outside practicing her scootering skills, Sandie is snuggling little Antarcica, and the Munchkin couple, well, ya'll know the story there. Sandie should be home a little bit after the scooter Princess goes to bed, and will, no doubt, get on here to see what's been going on.

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Sandie should get a kick out of the reading!!:flash: :laughing:

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Yes, I did get a kick out of the whole thing. So now it looks as though if all goes well with Purrty Girl, Our 11 is going to be anywhere from 12-16 around August 12th.
SO Michele...you say you want a Koon look alike?
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Word gets around quick. Yes, I did tell Rene yesterday that I want one of your munchkins that looks like Koon. I think he is beautiful. We will have to wait and see.

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I have so much to be excited about with the cats. Soon, Annie will come home. Then I will have kittens to raise. I am even taking Annie to the cat show in June so that she is with me. She will just stay in the room while we are at the hall.
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Antarctica has been home for 1.5 days now and I think she likes it here
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:flash: She's a little angel!! I have a Tonkinese, she looks very much like your munchkin, same color. If I ever figure out how to post a picture you could see Isis too. Yes, I've read how to do it, but for some reason it's not working for me. Enjoy your new baby!!!
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I can't get over that baby. She is such a doll!
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What a perfect little angel! I hope she's settling in and having fun.

Antarctica - there's an exotic place! Is it okay if I ask what you were doing there Ken? I'd love to hear more about what you do in the Navy - if that's alright to ask (I know in the IDF, lots of people can't talk about what they do).
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