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1 more makes 11

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Well, it seems hubby and I have decided to bring another kitty into our lives. While at Rene's the other night, I absolutley fell in love with a little white girl. She is only 7 weeks old and will stay with her mom as long as she can. We have not picked a name for her yet, but it will need to be something just as special as her. I sat with her most of the evening while we talked. She was very shy and uncertain at first, but by the end of the evening she was snuggled on my lap fast asleep. I can't wait until she's old enough to be away from mom. I am going to get a picture of her here as soon as I get one. Rene said she would take some and if not, I will go over and take them.
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Bless your heart and it's a big heart so it's a BIG blessing!
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Congrats Sandie!

So is this a rescue kitty then? Can't wait to see pics!
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Oh Sandie,

That is such good news! I came close to bringing #3 home from work the other day. I let one of the other teachers take him instead. I am so nervous about #3, especially so close to the major life change of moving for my 2. Plus I keep hearing that 3 sometimes don't mix well. I have a feeling that #3 will be # 3 and 4 by the end of the summer.
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Your like everyone else here. Weak and soft and suckerfied everytime a cat meows at you. lol. Can't wait to see the new baby.
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fireshoes, yes she is a rescue. Rene has mom and all the babies. I sometimes worry about bringing someone new home. At 10 now, they are all pretty used to it. We will have a few grumbles and such. I am already excited. I am supposed to go over Tues night to see and play with her. I am almost tempted to go tonight!!
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Congrats! I wish my hubby would agree to more pets. We have added one dog and half a cat recently - but you can never have enough IMO.
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Congrads!!! I saw her when I was at Rene's Saturday morning. She is beautiful! I can't wait to hear what your decide to name her and to see her at many cat shows!

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O Sandy, I new when we were on the phone the other night that you would end up with her. I know hubby could never resist. Congrats are in order and I can't wait to be able to judge her. BTW, I told Rene yesterday that when I come and stay with her in January, there are no guarantees that someone might be coming home with me. She said she already had a feeling about that.

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Congrats on your new kitten.I bet she is adorable. Will look forward to seeing a pic.
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Congrads Sandie!
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You softie you!! Why the hell didn't you clean your kid's cage out while you were there?? She is absolutely precious. I was holding her yesterday and just looking in her eyes made ME melt!! I'm in love with the little orange one. But, like I told Rene, I am maxed out at 7 here in this little 2 bedroom apartment that seems like a one room efficiency with them here.

Why don't ya name her after me, huh??

Call me at work tonight. Congratulations chick!
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I forgot to ask. Did you adopt the Milo look alike or the Dakato (the one with a little black on the head) And I agree with Donna, Donna is a good name.
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Michele..I am sure Rene told you, she is the all white one. I am going over tonight to see her for a little bit. I am going to take pictures and rush them home to get them on the site
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Actually I did talk to Rene after I posted and she told me. I only saw them briefly but they were both beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures. Do you have any names picked out yet?
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Sandie, I have a pure white kitten, about 8 weeks old, he is very fluffy so I named him Snowball! It seemed to fit him! Congrats on your new baby!!!
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Here's my little baby girl. Still havnt decided on a name yet. I just love her to pieces!!
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I could just eat her up:tounge2:
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OMG!!!!! She is adorable!!!!!

I am thoroughly jealous!

Names, hmm. I think I would do something that capitalizes on that pure white coat.

Well, I gotta post this quick, so I can go look at the pictures again. I don't know how Rene can give this baby up. I love her!
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Names that denote white: chalk.....ivory...pearl...swan.......blanche..marble...though I am sure after a few afternoons with this cutie, she will name herself! Congrats!
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OMG she's beautiful. I want her. Hey, wondering if she'll fit into my shirt when I judge her. Better have Ken as my clerk to keep an eye on her. Congreyts. I'm sure her very special name will come to you very soon. I do have a suggestion, how about Baby Powder or Talc.

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My vote is for Sugar
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Your new little friend is beautiful! I know about the "softie factor," as that's how Tonya Robin came to live with us.

I was at a veterinary buying cat food (about three years ago) and one of the technicians told me about the cat they'd rescued. She needed a home, I was told; and then I was asked if, just out of curiosity, I'd like to see the cat. I said, "Yes."

Then the cat was brought into my presence. (The weakening of the willpower commences.) I was asked if I'd like to hold the cat. (The willpower is getting weaker still.) I said, "Yes." I held the cat. (The willpower is now beyond all hope of recovery.)

Then, the cat began to purr.

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AHA...I knew I wasn't crazy when I couldn't resist her. Course thats why I try and stay away from the rescues. Keep the names coming, I am going to need them when I have spent some more time with her.
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she is such a beautiful little girl!

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I would just like everyone who lives in the Connecticut vicinity to know that Sandie's kitten has a sister who is also white with a tiny cap of blue on her head, which may fade as she gets older, who still needs a home in a few weeks!
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Oh Sandie!!!!!! Your kitten looks EXACTLY like my Snowball....same size and everything! Except Snowballs fur is just a little longer! Damn it...excuse my horrid language, I have GOT to get pictures taken!!!!!!!!!
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LOL...no offense here, you are talking to a sailors wife..hehe.
Okay all...I have decided on a perminant name. I decided I can't keep calling her baby, so I sat here for the last hour. She is white and so I wanted to reflect that. Her name is Antarctica "Annie" for short. It seems fitting since hubby spent over half our marriage there.
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Oh I LOVE it! Antartica!!!! Annie! It also kinda reminds me of Anne, which is fitting also!!!
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Okay ya'll, just to be clear on a couple of points...

A sailor I may be, but a potty mouth i'm not.. okay well not much.. okay maybe a little more than that but still....

Secondly... I like the name harlot (sic) better...

Darn it.... (see)

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