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Been there, having been in the position that if my Sam lived through the night, I was going to take him and end his suffering. It meant more to me that he be in peace. It was in his eyes, he wanted to go. Maybe you'll see that same look in your kitty's eyes. And perhaps you'll be spared the trip I didn't have to make. Angels came and took him to his rest during the night. (This was in 1977 and I'm still not over it.)

All you can do is make the most of the time you have left. Good luck and hugs.

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You responded to my posting a year ago. I can't believe it's been so long since I was forced to put my sweet Leenda to sleep because of FIP. I had just adopted a kitten when shortly thereafter I found out that my older cat Leenda was infected.

Just an update.

The intense pain has subsided from the loss of Leenda but I still feel sad when I think of her or look at her picture, which is still on my mirror in my bedroom. She will always be in my heart and my children and I speak of her antics and fun games as well as her beautiful colors and bright eyes. We wish she were still with us.

So far things are ok with the kitten who is now a full grown cat. Her name is Juliette. She is funny in her own ways and loving and sweet. I know she was exposed to FIP yet there have been no signs of it as yet. We pray that she will remain healthy, but with FIP there is no way of knowing if it will strike once the cat is exposed.

I so much want to adopt another cat but just can't bring myself to do so because I'm afraid that the same thing will happen again. I fear that Juliette will get sick just like Leenda did and then we'll pass it on to another innocent kitty. The vet says that she may never get it, but I don't feel comfortable taking a chance.

I was surprised to see a posting to this very old thread and it brought back these worries. Hope everything is going well with you and with all the others who care for their lovely furry ones.

Originally Posted by Xastion
I really hope that your kitten isn't infected. And I am dearly sorry for your loss.

Sadly, the world doesn't recoginize it because most people don't understand. Most people don't understand how a person can feel extreme grief over the loss of a distant relative and can not even fathom the idea of forming a tight bond with an animal.

Thankfully though there are enough animal lovers out there that there are places to turn to. Grief counceling for the loss of a pet is not unheard of - I mean, these little animals greet us in our homes, give us their love and their devotion, and show their friendship asking for nothing more then a home and a little love in return. That's more then what some people are willing to give.

Look around your area and you might even find pet grief counceling. Or support groups. It's going to be rough for awhile, but in time the pain will fade. I won't lie, it won't be tomorrow or even next week but it will fade.

I hope that after you take your kitten to the vet that the little dear tests negative. But if she is know that there are plenty of people here that will help you through this rough time.
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I'm sorry to hear of your situation. It breaks my heart when I hear of the symptoms--the fever, sleeping a lot and the stomach filling with fluid. I remember very distinctly the very same symptoms in my Leenda. Then her appetite failed, she grew dehydrated and there was really no choice. I couldn't just let her waste away from starvation. My heart truly goes out to you. Be strong. You know what is best for your kitten. You will feel the grief but also know that you are doing the right thing by letting him go. Once I knew there was no way to heal my cat, I knew what I had to do, no matter how painful. Even my children accepted it. My daughter begged me not to lay her to rest, but she came to understand that I had no choice. We all cried. Let me know how you are doing.

Originally Posted by CS_Hopper
Hi, i just read your e-mail. My kitten most likely has FIP, and now i'm faced with what to do. He's been running a fever and sleeping alot the last 5 weeks, but now his abdomen is filled with fluid. He's not sick, sick yet, still eating and purring etc. but the vet says maybe he has 2 weeks. When i read your post and saw how long you had your kitty i thought maybe he can live happy longer. I'm probably kidding myself, i would do almost anything to save him, as i love him so completely like you loved your little one. I just don't know how i'm going to face putting him down in the next couple of days because he still isn't real sick (last night he slept in our bed) I'm sorry for your loss, god i so understand, i'm worried about my other kitty as well who we adopted only 5 months ago. She is 9 years old. 2004 is right up there with my one of the toughest years of my life. Your not alone with your grief.
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