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Window Screens

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Now that summer is approaching I'm wondering how I can keep windows open without our cats shredding the screens. We live in a woodsy area and always have bugs on the screens that would attract their attention. If we're in the same room to stop them it would be ok, but they have an upstairs room they like to be in where we can't see them unless we're in the room. Any ideas on what I could put over it that would allow the air through, but not their claws? I do trim their claws, but not on a regular basis. I think our boy is still under a year old, so he attacks anything that moves. Thanks!
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When we lived in the woods we had the same problem. So, we replaced our normal screens with pet screens. You can buy the pet screen at any home improvement store and it is pretty easy to install the screen into the frame. It worked so well that even after my 12 pound cat lept onto and hung from the screen it did not tear!
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Thank you both. What is the pet screen made of? Is it hard to see through? I'd just put it in a few windows where they like to be the most. I doubt I could train them not to climb them, because when they see a bug they forget all the rules!
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Hmmmmmmm....I'm not real sure what they're made of, I think it is an extra-heavy plastic. You can see through them just fine, though they will be a bit darker than your other screens.
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i was wondering about this too. I would love to let some fresh air in the house but i'm always worried about my big kitties knocking the screens out. I'll have to look in to that!
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Our current screens are black, so they can't get any darker! Do they make one big enough for a patio door screen? I haven't been able to have that door wide open since we got our dog 4 years ago. If she sees a deer or cat or any other mammal, she about tears the door down trying to get out to chase it. I've seen metal guards that go across the bottom half of the screen that might work for our dog, but the cats would still climb the screen.
There are days I wonder what I was thinking when I decided to get a dog again, let alone 2 cats. :>) It would be nice to go out any door without having to push a critter out of the way. Our cats open the sliding doors we keep shut to keep them out of some parts of the house. It's not like they don't have room to run around! Just curious little guys.
I'll have to check out those screens tomorrow.
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I bought some at Home Depot last summer, but haven't put it up yet(Hmmmmmmm...I HAVE to get to that, if I'd ever get off the computer! teehee ) I understand that Lowes has it too, and I believe the display I saw, had a variety of sizes. It LOOKS like regular screening, but apparently, is WAY stronger!
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If your local Home Depot carries the type you desire, but do not have the size you need talk to the Special Services desk or the Millworks desk and either should be able to custom order one for you which usually comes anywhere between a week to three weeks.
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I found the screen in rolls at Lowes. For some reason I was thinking it was screens already assembled. I've never been able to get screening into the frames as tight as they originally were, so I don't know if I will do it or not.
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They also sell a tool SPECIFICALLY for putting in screen, called a Splining tool, I THINK! I got one at Walmart, but am quite sure they sell them at Lowes and Home Depot, etc... It helps remove, the old spline (the stuff that keeps the screen in place) and helps put the new screen in tightly! Good luck! (I think the one at Walmart was only around $2.00)
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Thanks M&S's Mom. I do have one of those tools, but even with that I still ended up with a sagging screen. Just not my talent I guess. Maybe I should do as my husband suggested and just wait and see if they ruin the screen first. I think it's just our youngest one I'll have to worry about. Our female hasn't been as wild since she was spayed last year.
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