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I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself

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Hello, my name is Clinton, and I own 2 cats, one of which I found 2 days ago at a friend's party. If you have seen the posts from Shawn, we have the same cats. This cat is a stray, and we have been taking care of it for the last few days, trying to nurse it back to health, and make it part of our family of pets.

I have never taken in a stray cat before, as my newfound love for animals is quite strong, partly because I was never allowed to have pets as a child. However, I decided that since I am on my own now, I can do whatever I please, and I have now made animals my hobby.

We took Nakita in a few days ago, and he was starved of both nutrition and affection. We fed him little by little, and tended to his wounds, which we have not found out if they are self-inflicted, or from a fight he may have got in when he was in the wild.

The good news is that Nakita is doing very well. We have kept him in the garage, as we do not want him near the other animals until he has been tested for everything and anything. We just want to make sure that he is healthy before we bring him into our house.

He had diahrrea for a few days, however, that quickly subsided, as his stool has become more solid, and he has begun to not sleep as much as he did when we took him in.

Nakita is a wonderfully affectionate cat, and loves to sit on my shoulder, like a parrot. He lets me take him around and see the sights while perched on my shoulder. I have never seen another cat that has the same personality as he does. He is charcoal gray with yellow eyes, and loves to cuddle with me.

I hope to learn more about cats through this forum, and I look forward to hearing some advice about the issues that may arise when I bring him into the house to meet the other cat, Cairo, and the two dogs.

Thanks for listening,
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Hey Clint~

Welcome! Hope you find answers to your cat questions on our site and that you join in and get to know us.
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Thank you Deb. Shawn and I have been looking at this forum since we rescued our cat. I think it is a wealth of knowledge and I know I will become much more of a cat lover.

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Rescuing a cat/kitten can be very rewarding. When I just had Toes I found a little Ragdoll kitten at a shopping mall. I brought him home and gave him flea treatment (the biggest problem down here in Sou. CA) and got him his shots. At first I kept him in the bathroom, but Toes wanted to see what I had. I was a little nervous letting an adult male be with a kitten, but Toes took on a very motherly role and taught the kitten everything. It was kind of funny seeing a big male cat (who likes to be so manly) being a Mom, but those two loved one another. I gave the kitten to a friend and her daughter and after that Toes wanted to invite every cat in the neighborhood into the house so I had to get him a companion which is why I have a little girl cat too.

Anyhow, I just wanted to welcome you too and congratulate you on the new arrival.

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We have another cat as well, and I am not sure how he will react to the other male in the house. Not only will Nakita have to deal with the first cat, he will also have to deal with 2 dogs, both of which are very friendly, and will protect the new arrival if the older cat decides to get vicious. I was told that once you adopt a stray, you will have a friend for life. I think this is true, as Nakita has been such an affectionate cat, and kisses you every time he has a chance. I am not sold on the hair issue yet, as I think Nakita is a Siberian Cat, but I am sure that once his winter coat sheds, he won't be so bad. Well, thank you for welcoming me to this group, and I hope to discuss further things with everyone here.

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Just wanted to welcome you to the board, Clint! Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!
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Hi Jen~
Your Spike is quite cute. I have many pets, including 2 cats and 2 dogs. Their names are (dogs) Chazwick, Stussie, (cats) Nakita and Cairo. Nice to meet you, and I hope to learn a lot from you as well.

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Welcome to the site Clint! The cats that are rescued do have a special bond with their people. Nakita will undoubtedly show you his gratitude for helping him in his time of need every day.
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I have been thinking about the cat running away. I just hope that he doesn't. He has been such a great cat so far, and I hope that he will become accustomed to everything that we have to offer. We have a great home, great animals, and we love to give our pets attention! I have been giving this cat a lot of attention since I have got him, and I hope that he will be healthy enough to come into the house within a couple of days. We have had him in our garage since Saturday, because we just got him, but I am thinking that by the end of the week, we will be able to bring him in. Does anyone know the average amount of days that a stray needs to be put in quarantine before he is allowed to come in contact with the other animals?

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Hi there! Just want to say Hi and welcome to the boards! I'm glad you found us here!
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I only kept the stray kitten in the bathroom for 2 days because Toes wanted to see him so badly. When I brought my little girl into the household I didn't confine her at all. Toes hissed at her the first day and that was it (she wasn't a kitten when I got her, though, and she was healthy when I got her).

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Hi Clint-

I would keep him away from the others until the vet has seen him and given him a clean bill of health. Then introduce him gradually to reduce the stress the other animals might feel. There is an article about introducing cats, and it was written with feral (wild and strays in mind) Here is the url


Welcome to the board, thank you for saving this kitten!
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Hi and welcome, Clinton!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Welcome to TCS Clint!

We look forward to hearing more about Nakita. I read somewhere that when a cat adopts you, they can be very loyal. There have been documented cases of cats walking many miles back to their homes. I know that when I come home from being on vacation, Max follows me everywhere and the moment I sit down he is on my lap.
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Hi Hissy~
I took Nakita to the vet this afternoon, and I had found a lot of information. First, she said that he had ear mites, which contributed to the cats excessive itching behing the ears to the point that he had scratched to the skin and was bleeding. Second, the good news, is that Nakita has tested negative for FIV. She had given him a pill for worms, just in case he had them. I have also been given amoxicilin to take care of any infection that the cat may have from the wounds on his neck. The vet said, all in all he is in good health, and that he should be ready to meet the family in a week or so. I never have felt so happy!

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Yay! Having more than one cat is so much fun! Especially when they play and run through the house sounding like a herd of elephants. With my two, what one couldn't figure out the other could so I always had new stuff to clean up every day.

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Clint, I'm happy Nakita's FIV test came back negative! It's good to know he's a healthy little guy. Hope his wounds heal up quickly and that he can join your family soon.
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Thanks Guys. It seems that Nakita is doing quite well. The wounds have begun to heal more completely after he returned from the vet. He has also been scratching less, and that is also good. He needs to go back to the vet next week, and I will keep you posted as to his progress.
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welcome to the site!
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Thanks, IceAngel. I hope to learn so much more about my fuzzy little friends!

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I'm so glad for Nakita! It's good news!
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Hey clint, just seen your post and wanted to welcome you as well!!

so... Welcome!!!!

I was glad to read your cat is in good health. The ear mites are very common and easily treated, and the FIV negative news are awesome news!!!! great!!

Now you can get on with your lives, and get to know each other and enjoy each other!
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Thank you for the warm welcome. I am very glad to know that my cat is doing well. I have found through the vet that ear mites are indeed quite common in strays. It was treated, and since I have had the cat, which has been about a week and a half, he has gained some weight and likes to play around alot, which is nice to see. Again, thanks for the welcome, and I hope to be hearing from everyone soon.

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thanks for the welcome...ther seems to be a lot of nice people on this site...duh...they're all cat lovers, like me....lol....welcome, Clint, from one newby to another...I have 3 cats, Ginger, Shadow, & Oreo...all spoiled rotten, of course...
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Thanks for the welcome...
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Hi just wanted to welcome you to the boards.

Love my kitties
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Thanks for the welcome...blondiecat...I have 3 cats...Oreo, Shadow, & Ginger...The girl's at the office call me "The Cat Lady." So, it's fairly obvious that I have a passion for felines...
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Hi and welcome to the board!
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Thanks for the welcome, Simba'sMom....I have lots of photos, I need to figure out how to put them on the computer....
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