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Pet Health Insurance

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Hey, just a question in general . . .

Do any of y'all use pet health insurance? I'm trying to figure out if it's a good investment or not . . . if you do use it, what plan do you have and with what provider?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I know it sounds wonderful, but with the number of cats I have, it would cost me a LOT of money to insure them all!!
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I have pet insurance for Spike. I get it through Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), and I have the superior plan for him. You can access the site through http://www.petinsurance.com/ for more info on it.
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I have VPI, same as jgaruba...but I have the basic plan for my 2 cats which costs $26.00 a month. The younger they are the cheaper the premium. I already used it and got reimbursed fast. My basic plan does not pay for vacanations, office visits, or dental cleanings, the premium plan would. But, at least if expensive tests or surgery is needed they are covered, I figured I could afford office visits and vaccanation on my own... it is all what is best for your circumstances.But I did alot of research and did find Pet Ins.com was the best value and coverage. Linda
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I have insurance for all my kitties. I think is is very much worth it. You only have to have one major incident, like an accident or major illness and you'd be looking at around 3-4 hundred dollars. This would easily pay for the cost of insurance for one cat for years. My insurance also pays for microchipping and helps out with things like, worming, de-fleaing, teeth cleaning, desexing, vaccinations etc. You can claim $7,000 a year! I know this is an Australian company but this will give you an idea of what to look for. Shop around, I found such a variance in what they will/will not cover and the monthly premiums.

I believe this is the best pet insurance coverage in Australia, as they cover 'everyday' things too. Go to http://www.afsfinancial.com.au/ and click on Pet Insurance and then Rates and Benefits.
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