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whiskas wet food

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Do any of you let your kitties have the commercial brand food every once in a while just for a treat?? I have been buying whiskas brand, and they totally devour their bowls too..they thrive mainly on Authority wet and dry food, but I don't see any harm of it..It's like letting your human kid have a candy bar every once in a while, and mcDonalds too..
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I give Jamie a can of Friskies Gourmet Gold once in awhile, because he likes it, but I really do consider it junk food. He won't touch Whiskas or any other brand I can get in a supermarket, though he drinks the Whiskas "cat milk". I don't think it'll hurt them if it's only occasionally.
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my kittens get the cat milk stuff as a treat, they really like it. The big kitties get normal treats, i havne't tried any brands of can food with them other then fancy feast and authority. As long as it doesn't have red dye I don't think it will hurt them. Alot of animals i have been around seem to be allergic to red food coloring.
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I buy Whiskas Cat Milk for the kittens and adult cats. I buy Whiskas wet food for my outdoor cat, sometimes for the indoor guys too! My kitties love Authority, Innova, Felidae, Wellness, Natural Balance and Nutro wet food the best. I like to buy different brands of wet food so my kitties don't get board of it!
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I feed my 3 cats Whiskas pouches, as an extra.
In the morning and afternoon, I divide one 100 gram pouch (appr. 3,5 ounces) over three bowls.
I think it's mainly because I like to feed them some wet food and they don't eat any of the quality brands.
I've tried all flavours of Technical, Hill's, Eukanuba but they'll have nothing to do with it.

Of the supermarket brands, Whiskas is not the worst you can buy.

Their main foodsource is dryfood (Royal Canin and Hill's Science)
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My Devon has had a terrible rash on his neck for a few months now, he is 5 months old, we have found out it is the whiskers cat food that he is allergic too. He loves it, as do all my cats, but the rash is so bad just one feed of it and he breaks out severley. So, they now all have a diet of raw meat with NO preserves or additives at all. He has not had whiskers for 2 weeks now, and the rash is GONE and his hair is growing back.
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my problem is i can't get my cats to stop eating whiskers and friskies! i brought them innova and they won't eat it, they would rather eat my flatmates cat's food (she feeds hers friskies) which is a pain in the ass considering i paid $45 for innova!!
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I´ve heard much about how hard it is to get cats from wiskas eater to premium ones. But I think you have to be hard if you really want a turnaround. If you always go back to wiskas it will never get better.
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yeah i know! thats why i'm contemplating moving out ..its jsut such a hassle cuz i feed mine set meals, and she free feed hers so theres always a bowel of friskies or whiskers lying around, by the time i come home and feed them dinner they are already full on friskies/whiskers!
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Yes once awhile I buy my kitties whiskas wet food as a treat but I buy friskies food regulary because I think cats need treat just like humans do because would like something different instead of the same old food.
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Whiskas is really junk food for kitties. If they are sick and they aren't eating, then Whiskas is what I offer them and usually they gobble it right up. But the stuff has a lot of fat in it and isn't what I would consider the best diet for cats. I am talking about the wet food, not the dry.
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For dry food Ive been splitting between Cat for for the cat lover soul and Maxximum nutrition. They get 1/3 cup of each kind in the AM and again at night. For an occasional treat Ive been giving a small can of wet food to split between the 2.. either Wellness (I think?) or Fancy Feast. They love the FF! I'll have to try Whiskas for a treat now and then.
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ACK! Now I'm starting to wonder if I have been feeding my cats terrible food!

I leave out Purina (dry kitten food since 1 kitten is about 7 month old, 2 cats are about a year old and 4th cat is about 2 yrs old) all day. I was planning on switching to Purina adult food when the youngest is 1 year old. I also feed them ONE can per cat of Fancy Feast on a daily basis.

Is Purina BAD?? I am pretty tight on my budget so I can't afford to be buying EXPENSIVE cat food BUT at the same time, I want to have healthy food for my cats.

Any feedback or advice on this will be greatly appreciated. Pls keep in mind that I have a budget.
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The food issue is always complicated and everyone has their preferences. Cats are drawn to dry food, oddly not by smell by by texture and taste. My vet just tells me that you want to stay away from the dry food that is really red looking, as the red dye they use in the processing is bad for kitties. I have fed my cats everything from generic to MeowMix to whatever I have on hand. If you find something and it works for you, and your vet says your cat is healthy, than don't change just because you read it on a bulletin board.

I do have someone who is working on a Nutrition article but it is such a complicated issue that it is taking a long time to get all the research in. Once it has been submitted and published here, hopefully it will answer the questions everyone seems to have all the time.
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I free feed my kittens on Royal Canin Kitten food all day long, in the morning split a whiska's pouch between the two of them and in the evening they get one pouch each. I am starting to cut back on the wet food though. But because Tarka was so sick and skinny for so long (she put on no weight between the age of 5 months to 7 months), I let her eat what she wants. I am such a bad mum. The thing that they love the most though - is Woolworths (an upmarket grocery store - similar to Marks and Spencers in the UK) pure fish! It hones! And looks disgusting - but seems to be nectar to the two of them. So when I am feeling VERY kind, that is what they get.

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I free feed my cats Pro Plan dry food and every morning they split(either in half or in thirds depending if Luna is awake)either a package or a can of Whiskas. I tried Authority and they wouldn't have any of that, snubbed it like they would a dog! LOL!I just got a free coupon for Por Plan wet food(2 cans free). I think I might go back and try it again. I started to feed them that but them I read on here that too much fish is not good for them and that is the only thing they had, so we stopped and tried other things. The boys aren't picky but the girls are very picky so I tend to go from one to another at times until I find one that they will all like for awhile at least until Luna gets her picky streak back. Isis ABSOLUTELY will not eat wet food! she won't eat human food either unless it's chicken. she is exteremly picky so I will never change her dry food I will just keep on slowly alternating their wet food until I find one they all like that's good for them.
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