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Eukanuba kitten food?

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I am a proud new mommy to Felix, 13 weeks old (yay!) I have several questions for you all. I feed him Eukanuba chicken and rice formula (dry), with vitamin E. I also plan to treat him with wet food once or twice a week. What should i use for the wet food? I bought a few cans of the IAMS and Science Diet kitten formula.
We are really trying to give him the best within the budget (my husband and I are both students working half time). Is this Eukanuba brand OK or is there something better out there?
Thanks a lot!
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Wet food:

i feed my furbabies with Fancy Feast wet food. These are their current favorites : grilled chicken, shrimp and fish feast (with real flakes), ocean whitefish feast in aspic seafood filets (also with real flakes.)

i add droplets of Pawiers multi-vitamins in their wet food.

Dry food:

i combine three types of Wellness and Solid Gold. i put them in an airtight container, and scoop out a little at a time.

i brush their teeth regularly as well.

Smiles and cheers!
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I really like authority wet food (they have kitten and adult cat) and the sophista cat premium food. It is like fancy feast, they have that in kitten also. I think they are both petsmart brands.
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WE use Authority wet food here..in the process of changing from kitten to adult food though...we feed the dry food as well...I also let my kitties have wet whiskas for a treat every once in a while..they prefer the chicken flavor....
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Thank you all for your replies!
So is the Eukanuba brand (IAMS company) a "bad" commercial brand for cats as well? The reason I am asking is that I have a big bag of it, that we first bought, and I expect that to last for at least one month.
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OK, never mind, I figured it out. I am sorry I didn't do enough research before asking. I'll switch him gradually to something else (authority sounds good).
Thanks all!
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Eukaneba is one of the best brands out there! Go to epinions.com and read all of the reviews on it if you are not convinced. My cat eats Eukaneba and her coat is so shiny since she started eating it. My kitten eats Science Diet. Fancy Feast and Whiskas are the cheaper brands. When you look for a food, make sure the first ingreadient is a meat product and not a meat by-product. That's how you can tell if it is a good quality food.
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eukanbua is a really good food. But iams makes it and they do some nasty testing...so it is kinda hard. I do LOVE the food and neo and moe did so well on it as kittens but i don't like that iams test...so i just don't know!
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Hi guys,
Sorry for not replying earlier. The reason I said I would switch him to something else was that I found the IAMS animal testing story on the web as I was looking for info. However, two days after that, I found out that their policy changed (so they say); I hope it's true, because except for Science Diet there is no other quality food in my area... Anybody else knows more about the IAMS company?
Thanks for the replies! :o)
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All I know is they did some nasty testing and if they changed their policy what did they do with the animals that they drove insane? Peta published the report, and they tend to use shock tactics. I can't say if things are better or not.
I use Royal Canin.
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I feed Solid Gold dry and a variety of wet foods. IAMS is filled with junk your cats don't need. Wellness, Solid Gold and Natural Balance are the best foods IMO! All of my kitties love Solid Gold the best, and they look so good!
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