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Found Kitten

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I found a kitten today. She has raw paw pads and is a little thin but otherwise she is in good shape. What can I do to help her paws? I am also curious if it is okay to let her socialize with my resident cat before she has been to the vet? My cat has all his vaccinations. I wonder if he could my cat catch something harmful from her? Right now they are in seperate rooms and have had almost no contact.
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I would get kitty to the vet before letting her play with other cats. I got my babies tested for felv/fiv before I let them play. It is always better to be safe then sorry. Hopefully the vet will be able to give ya something ot make her feet feel better! it is so nice of ya to take care of the kitten!
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I agree with a vet visit, and as soon as possible. The pads can be helped by lanoline (get that at the drugstore) and just put a tiny amount on the pads and do it gently. Poor kitty- thanks for taking her in.
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That is so kind of you to take her in like that...what a sweet momma you are.....I agree by taking her in the vet first to make sure she is ok..Let us know though!
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