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Have her cats been checked for FIP and what were the results?
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When I called her she didnt even know what coronavirus was. She just keeps saying my cats are healthy. So I dont think she is even going to have them tested.
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Originally posted by bbsmom
When I called her she didnt even know what coronavirus was. She just keeps saying my cats are healthy. So I dont think she is even going to have them tested.
I'm so sorry for your kitty... I had the same story here in Russia...
But is she gonna make all the tests?
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I am not sure
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Well... Do you know if her cattery is registred in TICA, CFA or smth?
And does she have a Cattery?
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If this person who has the web site is not a breeder, I don't know what she is. She shows, breeds, sells cats. That is a breeder. So, #1 she lied to the vet.

She says on the web site: "All of our kitties are sold with a written contract._ Pets are sold with a spay and neuter contract, which I strictly inforce." #2 she also lied to you cuz she didn't sell your kitten with a contract.

If she were an ethical breeder, she wouldn't have done either lie or not have a contract AND she would have known about FIP and been extremely concerned about possibly having the disease in her cattery.

I'm so sorry this has turned out so terribly. Has the vet said where else your kitty could have gotten it?
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No there is no where else he could've gotten it. He has only been to the vet. She (the breeder) actually tried to blame it on the vet. I am getting so frustrated. WE (me and the breeder) are emailing each other back and forth and she is starting to get ugly with me. And now she is testing her cat but only one the mother to my cat. SHe doesnt understand that it could be ANY CAT there that came in contact with my cat.
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I am so frustrated for you. . . unfortunately bad breeding practices, lack of knowledge and unwillingness to improve and protect her cattery and kittens is going to bite any breeder in the bottom.

Did she say that if mama cat tests positive she would refund? or under no circumstance would she refund and she's only doing this cuz some vet told her to? If she has not agreed to refund under any circumstances, I would try to take a step back to save your sanity. It may not be worth dealing with this person who seems stuck deep in denial and may be passing on this disease to more kitties. It's like watching a car accident in slow motion and she's just not getting the message. If you plan on taking her to small claims, save her all correspondance, but your life and sanity are more important.

I'm so sorry how awful this has turned out.
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HI! Thanks for your support I am thinking about dropping the thing. I am so frustrated and sick at my stomach. She said she would refund if the mom tested positive but it may have come from any of the other cats. I dont know what made her decide to finally test. I just dont want anyone else to go thru what I went thru and am still continuing to go thru.
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I totally understand that you don't want anyone else to go through with what you are going through.. . if you knew what cat affiliations (CFA TICA etc) she registered under you might be able to send them a letter and let them know what poor breeding practices she had.

But *please* be careful. I know you want to protect other kitties and other people but please don't cross the line and do something that could be deemed as defamatory like criticize her in public or something — I'm not a lawyer but just wanted you to be careful. I would hate to see YOU get sued or something just for telling the truth. You would need to tell the truth in the proper venues. If not, you might be making yourself vulnerable to more trouble. Maybe some of the breeders on this board can give you ideas of where the proper venue for making a complaint like this would be?
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Lets be clear about a few things.

FIV & FIP are not the same things.

I've seen both used in this thread.

It's really not a question of testing positive for Corona.

ANY cat that has been exposed to it will show a titer on the test. This doesn't mean that it's suffering from it, only that it's been exposed. I would venture to say that most every cat will show a titer, no matter how carefull anyone is.

She is definately a breeder, and she shows in at least one association, if you really wanted to you could find out which one just by going to the association sites and checking points on cats.

On her website, she clearly states that all kittens will have a contract, if you didn't get one, i'd be asking why not.

A corona virus can be VERY devistating on a young kitten, doesn't mean that it has FIP, unless there are clinical signs that it either has the dry kind or the wet kind. It's inability to walk could have been because of dehydration.

Perhaps I missed it, but did you get another opinion? As i've said before, you can always rely on a vet, they don't know everything.

I have to agree with Maui, be carefull about what you write, it could come back to bite you by the breeder.
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My original first post said FIV because the vet wasnt sure yet. After tests came back it was FIP. He has the dry form. I dont think I need a second opnion because I know he is sick, and he has all the symptoms of FIP>
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Can everyone delete the posts with breeders web address I dont want to get in trouble for slander or anything so if you could please erase them
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If you don't mind me asking... what sypmtoms is he exhibiting?
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He can't walk he doesn't eat, he doesnt use the litterbox, he gets dizzy, he has neurological problems he hides under the bed.
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Originally posted by bbsmom
He can't walk he doesn't eat, he doesnt use the litterbox, he gets dizzy, he has neurological problems he hides under the bed.
Poor little kitty...
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Just wanted to update everyone. I emailed the breeder to see about tests results. and suprisingly enough she hasnt even taken the cat to the vet, she said she has been sick. I am so po.ed I dont know what to do. I want to make a complaint but I dont know where to.. I am soooooo mad at her.
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Is she registered with TICA or CFA? Or is she just another BYB?

If she is reg. you can contact them and let them know you would like to file a complaint. I would be more than happy to help you out if I can.
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I have asked her several times what she is registered with and she wont tell me. I can't find it anywhere on her website. But I do know my kitten was registered. I don't know where to go from here, she makes me so mad. I am thinking about calling her vet and having him explain the disease to her cause I still dont think that she understands. Because if she did I think she would have already taken her cat to the vet. I have tried to be as nice as I can to her and she remains to get snotty and defensive. It isnt fair, I am going thru pain, I lost my cat and she gained money. I dont think she has the right to treat me like crap.
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Your kittens papers will tell you who she is registered with. I know that CFA will charge a fee if you file a complaint. Sick kitten is one of the things you can turn in though. Good luck.
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I never got the papers because he was not neutered yet and I only got them after I neutered him so I cant use that. I am on the cfa website seeing if she is registered there. That websited says there is no cost for sick kitten so I guess I will go that route if she is registered.
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Maybe ask your vet to write a note to her vet? I would think the other vet would want to know in case s/he needs to protect the other patients.

Do you know how to do a google search? Maybe you can find out where she is registered that way? Private message to me her url again and I can see what I come up with if you want.
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I'm so sorry for you.. BUT I think what you're doing is wrong, We sold a kitten a few years back with FIP( I think), and IT'S not the breeders fault our vet said because cookies new Mum's other cats had it and there's no way to rpove it came from THAT cattery so I'm so sorry sweetie but it may be best to drop it .. Good Luck! for what ever decision you choose, but it's just IMO , don't take it personally

What breed of cat is it?
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I am sorry you think what I am doing is wrong but it isnt.......I DO NOT HAVE OTHER CATS!!!!! The cat never went outside. and most breeders cover their cats against this disease for at least 3 years. I know I got the opinions of several and each one were the same. He was a persian......And I can prove it if her cat tests positive for feline coronavirus!
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I'm sorry if I upset you. I said it was My Opinion. Here in New Zealand we cover for a few weeks not years breeders can't guarantee their cats health,I'm sorry... but it's not possible. and the cats we hvae imported from AMERICA don't cover for 3 years .. It's you cat that tested positive .. I really don't wanna argue and BTW you did say Question for all breeders and I'm a a breeder ..
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Arrrrrrhh I stumbled across here and saw a picture of the kitten, Mr Jinx, How old is he? He's gorgeous! .. Most breeders wouldn't refund but definitly replace ! and you should of asked for a contract......................
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but do you understand that this disease only comes from another cat?? and it is very common in catteries? And that I know my cat was never around another cat, and that if her cat tests positive for feline coronavirus that will prove it.
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Hmmmmmmmmmm.... We'll see. It's not common in cattries over here! That's for sure. Not sure about over there. I agree is probably is the breeders fault in this case, but there's no contract n' stuff so there's no way to prove you got it from her .. Right?
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THank you. I am not sure how old he was there, the breeder took that picture that was the first time I ever saw him. THat is the deal she has no kittens to replace with. I would prefer that but she doesnt have any. I am sorry if I got defensive but this has been a long drawn out process. I know now to get a contract and I thought she was going to have one but when we met her she didnt we drove 4 hours and we met her.
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That's Alright. I love persians , as you may know I have some of the very best in NZ at the moment , We always replace if someone has a problem but there needs to be a contract stating that. Anywho I'm sorry for the heartbreak she's caused you. Is it a well known cattery?, That's right always get a contract now, this may sound bad BUT..

At least you have learnt something from it eh!
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