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Refund from Breeder

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If I have a kitten that I havent had for very long and He tests postive for fiv am I entitled to a refund?
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If you are dealing with a reputable breeder they should refund or replace the kitten. Most breeders have a sales contract that is signed at the time of sale. If this breeder doesn't have a contract and refuses to refund I'm not sure what can be done.
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That is the deal I didn't sign a contract.
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Hmmm how old is the kitten, what shots were given before and after you got it? Did you go to the breeders house? Was the kitten shipped? Where did you find this breeder? Do they have references? Have you contacted the breeder since you got the kitten with questions? Did they answer your questions in a way that was easy to understand?
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I found the breeder online, She was the closest I could find, and I still drove a total of 6 hours to pick him up. NO I didnt go to her house she was nice enough to meet me. And to clarify this issue my cat is still at the vet, and nothing has been definitelly confirmed. Mr.Jinx is approx. 7 months old. She gave him shots and he has had 2 rounds of shots from me. So he should have all of his shots. I havent contacted her yet, I will when I have a definite answer from the vet
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What area do you live in?
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southeast oklahoma. I live in a small town called Broken Bow
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This is a pic. of little mr.Jinx
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What a cute baby! He looks very tiny! Was he still at the breeders when the photo was taken or your house? What a sweety.

Have you heard back from the vet yet??
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The picture was taken at the breeders house. That was the first time I ever saw my baby! I havent heard back from the vet yet still waiting. This waiting is torture
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The vet called and it is FIP or feline coronavirus, it is a fatal disease with no cure, I am distraught now. I don't know if I should put him to sleep. I am so sick to my stomach and I dont know what to do but the vet said he wont get better and he cant walk right now. So do I put him to sleep or let him live out his last few days at home? I already miss him so much! I am dying of heartache
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If it puts you at ease you could get a second opinion. Personally I would make the sad decision to let the vet help him leave peacefully after visiting him one more time. If it's fatal he might be in pain. You should definitly tell the breeder what's up. My heart goes out to you.
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I dont think I need a second opinion I know in my heart that he is sick, cant hardly walk. This is the worst thing, I have ever been through having to make this decision. I contacted breeder she took the vets # and is suppose to get back to me
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Originally posted by bbsmom
The vet called and it is FIP or feline coronavirus, it is a fatal disease with no cure, I am distraught now. I don't know if I should put him to sleep. I am so sick to my stomach and I dont know what to do but the vet said he wont get better and he cant walk right now. So do I put him to sleep or let him live out his last few days at home? I already miss him so much! I am dying of heartache

OKay, here's the deal on this, and while I don't know the condition of your baby, I can tell you this....

First of all, I really would get a second opinion, as there is to forms of FIP (wet & dry) there may be ways to treat him. He may not need to be put down, BUT if he is suffering and you KNOW for sure that there is nothing that can be done, then have him put down.

There is ALOT of info available on this, much more than I can put in this so, please go to this link and look for feline infectious peritonitis. this will give you alot of links for info. The best way to help ANY animal is to first become armed with info, Vets are only human and don't always have the best info available.

Hope this helps!
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All I know is the kitten does have something definately bad wrong with him. He started out as a very playful kitten, and then he started hiding under the bed, not drinking water, not coming out and not using litterbox. Then it was where he couldnt hardly walk, I am not sure if he can even walk at all now. I dont know what to do he is still at the vet, I cant make up my mind. I cant quit crying.
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Oh, sweety my heart goes out to you. Have you heard from the breeder yet? I'm sure s/he is as sick about this as you are. Please try to get some rest and make sure to eat. Know we are keeping both of you in our thoughts and prayers.
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If the kitten is dehydrated it will cause him to become wobbly and unable to walk. Corona Virus is the name of a common ailment that isn't fatal. Only FIP, a strain of the corona virus is fatal and not very common. Has the vet done a fluid draw? Was the kitten bloated, or swollen? Is the kitten on an IV?
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Has the vet offered any treatment for your baby? I would get a second opinion. You won't have to run tests again, just get copies and consult another vet. Please go and visit your little one. I'm sorry to say that all vets are not up to date on the treatments for some illnesses.
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He said something about cortisone. I am not sure. I dont know what to do I have heard so many different things. I am really ticked off right now cause everyone is like well you dont need a cat in the house anyway. Does anyone know where I can find info that proves there are no health risks? I am looking up info on FIP, the vet didnt not say he had to go down just that is wasnt likely he would get better and that it would end up being fatal.I read somewhere that kittens with FIP, only last a couple of months. I will only put him down if the vet confirms he is in pain. I dont know I am so confused and sad and upset I cant think straight.
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If you are talking about health risks to people, then no there are not any health risks.
Why not give the cortizone a try? It could help some and give the kitten a better chance. Remember corona virus isn't always FIP.
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I am going to pick up kitty shortly and talk to vet. I have made up my mind to see what can be done and if nothing at least bring my baby home for the weekend. I didnt mean health risks from this certain disease I just mean from cats being in the house period. My grandmother in law who I am very pissed at at the moment. Because all she said when I told her about my cat was well you dont need to have a cat in the house with the baby (my 2 year old, who absolutely adores Mr. Jinx!) and her husband freaking smokes like a freight train. which I am personally against and dont allow in my home and I think is worse than a cat could ever be!

Funny story: ONe morning my kid woke up and Mr. Jinx was on his pillow and the baby reached up and started tickling the cat saying, tickle, tickle, I tickle tickle tickle you! How cute was that, that is what I am going to miss most!
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There are no health risks to children from a well cared for, healthy cat. Cats are a wonderful companion for children. I have 6 children, 3 still in the nest. My youngest is 4 and has been around my persians for the last two years. His kitty just had her second litter, they are 4 weeks old today. My kitty is expecting her first litter in a few weeks. Charlie, the 4 year old, helps feed, brush and play with the cats and kittens. He refuses to help out at bath time though, wonder why? LOL
I'm glad you are bringing your baby home. I'm sure he will feel better there. Please keep us posted as to how he is doing!
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I'm really, really sorry to hear about your kitten, I hope everything works out in the long run.

Regarding your grandmother in law, geez.....I'd have a hard time keeping my mouth shut with somebody so completely selfish, and narrow minded. Why do people still think that our pets are disease causing creatures? I'm about to have a baby (due in 3 days), and you would NOT believe the number of people who have told me to get rid of the cats....because of course our pets are of so little importance that we can dispose of them like yesterday's newspaper. It makes me so angry. I'd be far more worried about exposing a child to the carcinogenic (sp) effects of cigarette smoke than an indoor only cat, that's for sure. While there are diseases that are zoonotic, there aren't that many. Human to human transmission of disease is a bigger risk than feline to human transmission of disease.

Sorry, I just had to let that out.

Again, good luck with your kitten....you sound like a wonderful owner, and he is lucky to have found you. I truly hope everything works out for the best.

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Mr. Jinx, I picked him up Friday, he cant walk and I am feeding him with a syringe, I put some of his cat food in the blender. I think he is in pain, because he bite me and it drew blood and he has never done that before. I feel so bad, but I am dreading taking him to the vet. I didnt even want to go to sleep last night, because I dreaded today so much!

About the grandmother-inlaw, I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut too but she is always like that..She is a pet hater and I think they are cold hearted people! The least she could've done was not say anything. Second hand smoke is so much worse than a cat could ever be! The thing about the second hand smoke is I have asthma and they treat me like I am lying when I say it chokes me up!

I called the breeder and she was suppose to call the vet but she still hasnt which kinda makes me mad!


Good luck with your baby!
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Question for all breeders? I got a kitten from a lady in December, I didnt sign a contract. The cat has been in my house and no where else but the vet. He has FIP and is in very bad condition and I am going to have to have him Euthanized tomorrow. (I am very distraught about this)Do you think I am entitled to a refund or replacement? Breeder is denying it came from her? and not testing her cats?
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To be honest, it seems as though you are out options. Since there was no contract signed you have no proof that your baby came from her.

Contracts are to protect the buyer as well as the breeder.

I am very sorry to hear about your little one, I've been following this for the past few days and it breaks my heart.

Breeders such as the one you dealt with give all of us a bad name!
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first, I'm so sorry about your kitty... Can I ask you a question? Did the breeder microchip your kitten? Or you did it yourself?
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My kitten does not have a microchip? why do you ask?
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I ask about it because it's the only way to prove if you have not signed the contract that this very kitten came from that very breeder if she did it....
We usually do this to all our kittens and send them to the new owners already with this thing inside. It helps if anyone will have any difficulties...
If the kitten was bought without it, the breeder can say - this kitten wasn't born in my house, I've never seen this man before, what he wants from me? and you won't be able to prove that you're write...
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Sorry to clear things up she isnt denying that the cat came from her only the virus. She has already called my vet and spoke to him so I have proof right there. I am going to take her to small claims court if she doesnt refund my money.
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