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I have deleted my pictures.
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Look at that adorable face!!! Oh, if I could only read feline minds - what a tale they'd reveal. Is it a blast to show your cats, or more stressful? How do they react? I suppose they're so used to it it doesn't bother them. I just know I was at a catshow once and this one cat mustn't have been having a good day as she got real mean with the judge and the owner had to come and take it away and the cat even semi-attacked it's own person.

Anyhow...your kitty looks very sweet and good natured. Again - adorable!!! Thanks for sharing.
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how cute! love them chubby cheeks, what a face. congratulations on your win.!
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Thank You Sandi!

We start showing our kittens at about 4 months of age until they are around 2, So they get used to it, and with so many people coming around to our house we get people just to pick them up so they become social , My kittens thrive on the buzz of the show scene, She looks so cheeky in these pictures and at the moment she's looking at me as if too say , Mummmmmmmm I'm hungry , they can admire me later..

Enjoy! & Thanks again - Sam
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Thank You Tamara {{{HUGS}}} From Sophie !! or Grafton Kinda Nortie But Nice!!
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Oh, Sam, Sophie is too sweet!!

Thanks for sharing the lovely pix!! :flash:

Smiles and Cheers!
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Thanks Shirley, Your too sweet
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Sophie is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.
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Aww! What a darling kitty! She's beautiful!
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Very cute!
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Thanks Guys
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Sam, Sophie is absolutely GORGEOUS! If you ever have any kitties spare, you can send them right on over next door, to me!
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awwwwww what a cute little smooshy face!
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How adorable Sam! What a sweetheart!
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so cute, love those chubby cheeks!
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She is soo cute Sam!
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Sam - what a cutie she is!

I love those squooshed up faces!

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OMG So many people replied about Sophie Thank Ya'll sooooooo much , and Tania I'd be happy to spare ya a kitty..
Cheers, Sam & Soph.
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Woo hoo!
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