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Look what I found

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Just today I posted to Rock&Fluff that its not possible for me to have more than one cat because of my allergies. Guess what?? I was talking to my next door neighbor on the phone and she mentioned that she thought she saw Soloman on her patio this morning. She said she wasn't sure it was him because this cat looked small and wet from the rain (Soloman is indoor only). I peeked around and sure enough Soloman was sleeping soundly on the couch. I went outside to take a look and this little kitten was huddled up under an overhang in her driveway. The kitten looks like it could be Soloman's twin. So of course I brought it and fed it and gave it water, it was starving. She is now sleeping soundly in my pantry. I don't know what to do with her??? I can't keep her!! DH says we should let her go and maybe she'll go back to her home. How do we even know if she has a home? I'm afraid she'll get hit by a car or attacked by another cat if we just let her back out the door.
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Here is another picture of her. Excuse the red eyes the lighting in the pantry is not the best for taking pictures.

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OMG, I am so glad your neighbor found her!!! What a darling!
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Wow, she is beautiful! She looks really content.
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I would either keep the new kitty- or contact Siamese Rescue and let them know. Putting her outside is not a good option, but you know that. She could be someone's pet and someone could be frantically looking for it. I would put up some ads and at least keep it a week while you wait for someone to respond. Pretty Cat! Plus this being kitty season, if she is not spayed, she could be pregnant.
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Wow she's cute, Please don't let her outside,
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Please feel free to use as signature!
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Thank you Lhezza!!! Soloman looks AWSOME blinking!!

I'm going to put up some ads at the shoppette tonight. I hope someone is missing her . If no one claims her I'll go from there but I won't just let her go. DH is very kind. He didn't mean any harm, just thought that would be the right thing to do.
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If you local paper has a lost and found section you might be able to list her in there for free.

Solomen is winking!
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awwww I would check with the local shelters and see if anyone is looking for the kitty, if not then I would keep it! The new allergy reducing febreeze works really good!
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She is a really beauty, wish you could keep her... She is lovely! And if you can't keep, perhaps you could find a good home for her?
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Awww! She's such a precious little kitty! Good luck with her, no matter what happens!
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Originally posted by AuroraViva
Awww! She's such a precious little kitty! Good luck with her, no matter what happens!
You read my thoughts!
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What a pretty girl! It really looks like she could be related to Soloman. I hope it all works out with her... maybe you'll find her owners, or new owners that will give her a good home... (if you can't keep her, of course. )
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Cora - how's it going with the new kitty? Did you put up ads and contact local shelters? Did she belong to anyone? I can't wait to find out what happened!!!

...and depending upon how bad your allergies are, I have solutions. I am REALLY allergic to cats. I take Zyrtec-D twice a day, have flonase (a prescription nasal steroid thing) if I need it, and also a steroid creme for the hives. Also, the new Fabreeze allergan-reducing stuff does help, too.

What a gorgeous kitty!!!! I sure hope all is going well, no matter what happened. ...and I seem to have a penchant for opening up old wounds, so I sure hope that whatever happened, there isn't a tearful ending!!!!!
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I hope you ended up getting to keep her like you wanted...I wish I could have her..she is soo adorable...
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She's so beautiful someone should be looking for her. Please let us know how this turns out.
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