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How terrible...

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I just got this in my email today, it's something I thought you might want to read:

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Barb, Thanks for the story. It's really worth reading. From what I understand, these hoarders trust no one else when it comes to animal care. They really think they can give better care than anyone else, despite the horrendous condition of the cats and the homes of the cat hoarders. It's a subject we have seldom addressed here, (since I became an SOS mod) and might be an eye opener for some of our members. These people really do love their animals, and trust no one else with them.
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Wow, Thanks Barb, for sharing this article with us.

i lived in Boston before, and one friend of mine even lives in Beacon Hill.

This particular paragraph strikes me a lot:

ANIMAL HOARDING — of which cat hoarding seems to be the most common manifestation — is one of the weirder psychological phenomena. Hoarders, as animal-control professionals (who prefer the word to the more innocuous-sounding "collectors") call them, take in or breed animals to the point where they can no longer care for the pets or, frequently, themselves. Nutrition, veterinary care, and sanitation go out the window as the animals pile up. Sanity goes as well, as most hoarders lose the ability to recognize the unhealthiness of their situation. To a hoarder, the animals are family and anyone seeking to relocate them is kidnapping kin, often removing the hoarder’s only source of emotional connection.

Extracted from :

Cat burglar
The 60 cat corpses in Heidi Erickson’s Boston apartment bear witness to a largely ignored psychiatric disorder: Animal hoarding

This is a very abnormal and distorted behavior indeed.

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yes I found the article very enlightening. Mabye we can put up some information on a sticky about cat horders and what to look for or something to that extend in here?? maybe we can help someone and some cats. who knows?
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Barb, Since Renae is an expert on human behavior, I'm going to let her handle your suggestion. I think it's a good one!
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Jugen, what a good idea. I'll see whether I can find anything in the psychological literature about hoarders. (I'm not sure whether there has been much work with this group.) In the meantime, if you find some other good articles, add them to this thread and we will see whether we can take what everyone finds and turn it into a resource thread.
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Will do! I'm not much for good info, but I'll try.
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