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My cat likes a bath ?

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This is a weird one. Our newest addition (Futch) got really dirty and my wife and I decided to give him a bath. We filled up the sink with warm water and put in the special kitten shampoo the vet gave us. We expected a struggle....but instead Futch seemed to like it. He sat there in the sink Purring !!!! What on earth ? Cats are supposed to hate water ! I guess Futch forgot he was a cat.

He really liked being dried in the towel.
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Great to hear that!!

Venus does not mind baths at all. Daisy is kinda neutral.

i like your kitty furniture.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Some cats love water. Turkish Vans love to swim. I have one cat that every summer she wades into our creek to chase the minnows and frogs.
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Hey, sounds good to me! LOL! Anytime a cat doesn't struggle is a good thing!

Cute cat furniture!
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My friend had a cat that loved water. If she was taking a bath her kitten would jump in, guess she had to bath in lukewarm water. Also if she turned on the facet in the kitchen that cat would be right there, and she had to keep in running so the kitty could get in. Linda
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Two of my siamese LOOOOOOOVE water.

Drew loves it when we fill the bathtub up good, and then let him in and let it drain.. he'll wade around it and 'chase' it down the drain.. doesn't bother him a bit.

Sebastian will literally GET IN THE SHOWER with me while I'm showering and lick water off of my ankles. It doesn't bother him at all that water is hitting him.

Odd no?

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I'd love to have a cat that loved water - I might not lose so much blood at kitty bathtime then. I can't believe he actually PURRED as well!
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none of my cats like water!
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
none of my cats like water!
Ditto with my furry boys!!

Lucky for you!
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