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An Idea

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I've been thinking about this for awhile and after looking around on the internet I thought I would bring this to you.

This website and these forums bring in a variety of cat owners from all around the world. Some of us are very knowledgeable about our fuzzy friends, while others of us are new to the scene and are learning everything through trial and error and the advice given on these boards.

I fall in the latter category. I have had my cats for two years almost but never have been around them before. Furthermore I've only been in this city for the last three years. So I don't know all I need to about my kitties, and I don't know the vets. I've been to three different vets in this area and only one has proved to be any good and that place only does vaccinations.

So this is what I was thinking. Why not create a website that gives the opinions of cat owners on the vets in their area? That way a new owner or a person new to the area can just go on-line and look at this site and make an informed decision based on other's experiences?

It's a thought, and I wanted to know what you think about it.
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Personally this would be best done behind the scenes in email PM etc. If you go to www.meowhoo.com and look up Cat Health you will find listings for vets who specialize basically in cats. Perhaps you will find one in your area.

But when you open up publically a place for people to air their positive and negative feedback about vets, you place the webmistress in a precarious situation of possible slander lawsuits and create a big snafu. I know that one vet in my area and I do not get along based on how he almost killed my horse one time- but even as mad as I was at him, when I posted about the incident on another board- I was careful not to put his name, clinic or city. BTW I wrote two letters he is no longer practicing and I got a huge vet bill forgiven because of the incident

Just my opinion-
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I was thinking about this in terms of how people review restuarants. Or even video games. Not quite the same, but there are plenty of sites out there that give that type of feedback.
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I think it would be a good idea, too, but the legal stuff is a daunting problem . . .
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When I move to a new city, which is often, I ask the people at work if they have a vet,mechanic,dr,whatever that they like.

In the town I am in now, I talked to the humane soc workers abuout the local vets and some were quite honest.
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