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Need a new vacuum cleaner...what do you recomend??

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My vacuum cleaner just isn't cutting it! I need something that will pick up cat hair, it would also be nice if i could use it to pick up hair of the coach. What brand do you recomend?
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I have been wanting and finally got a Shark Cordless Vacuum and I honestly think it is the GREATEST thing since sliced bread. Have you seen the infomercials? They are only 59.99 at Best Buy.

They are SO lightweight and they pick up really really well. I normally hate to vacuum because our main sweeper is just so darned heavy. This one is so light, I actually enjoy sweeping!!

I went out yesterday and bought one as a belated MOther's Day Gift for my mother in law.

The charge lasts for 30 minutes so you can sweep your whole house.

You probably still need a big sweeper, I don't think this replaces that. But I LOVE mine!

It definitely picks up cat hair and also human hair as my daughter has long hair, and I can't believe how much of it I am finding in the sweeper!

Here is their website if you want to learn about it


but like I said, I got mine at BestBuy for $59.99.

Anyone else have one of these?
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I *love* eurekas.. The cannister ones are awesome but more expensive.. Right now I have an upright called "the boss" and it rocks.. My mom has a cannister and I swear this puppy will pick up anything.. I also know a lot of people with pets like the Hoover Wind Tunnel but I've always had bad luck with hoovers..

what kind do u have now??
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i think mine is a dirt devel. I'm going to order the hand vac tonight that sounds awesome!! I'm going to look at the eurakas. I think i have seen them at walmart. Hubby is supposed to fix my dirt devil but I would just rather kick it to the curb and get one that works!
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Hi Princesspurr!

My goodness, one time i was doing research on vacuum cleaners, and was shocked that there are MANY sites over the net on this topic. It helps to read about consumers' feedback on various vacuum cleaners before shopping for one.

Here is one site i like:


For kitty pick up jobs, i use Black & Decker's Dustbuster:

Black & Decker Dustbuster Plus Cordless Hand Vac DB450
Overall rating: four stars (out of five)
Reviewed by 10 Epinions users
The lowest base price is $29.99

It is really easily to use and more importantly, it is CORDLESS (heaven sent, i tell you.)

Also, it is rechargeable, and pretty light-weight. i empty out the contents after every use. In addition, i wash the filter and wash the parts every few days. Great stuff, i must say.

i hang mine on the wall (in kitchen) after every use. It is great for ALL small pick up jobs. Also, i use this to vacuum inside of my cars.

You can buy this from most stores: Sears, Target, Walmart, etc.

Smiles and Cheers!
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I just got a Kirby. Although I am impressed with the suction power- it is a pain in the drain to use- so many attachments and they aren't all that easy to put in place. But for cleaning and shampooing it seemed to be the best machine out there. I do like it, just wish it were more user friendly! Or maybe I am just all thumbs!
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The Mrs. and I recently purchased a canister to replace our 40 y.o. Rainbow. After a bit of research, we got Kenmore (Sears) Progressive PowerMate Model 22612. They offer a number of models that are VERY similar (except in price), but the 22612 was rated a Consumer Reports "Best Buy" and it has done a great job keeping up with the hair of two cats and the dust storm that is a 10 y.o. son and his friends.

It came with four "tools" plus a mini, powered, PowerMate Jr. Its triple filtered (assuming you buy the MicroFilter bags), but seems strong and (relatively) quiet.

Truly a shame, as I wanted to keep the Rainbow going, but the repair cost was going to be $400 with no assurance it would continue without fault. We decided to spend $320 on the Kenmore (it was on sale at the time).
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I have a rebuilt Eureka upright, that works, just fine. In addition, my Dirt Devil hand vac, gets the cat hair off of the furniture, wonderfully!
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I had a cannister vac and wont ever get one again. It worked well but it was like wrestleing with an occtopus. My next vac is going to be bagless.
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I have a Dirt Devil Vision ( bagless vac ) with all the on board attachments. I love it! I payed $199.99 at Sears about 3 years ago.
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I have a Shark Vac!
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I personally like Dirt Devils, and in general, I go to Sears to buy all of my appliances. They are very helpful and sell just about all of the reputable brands of appliances. I have also found their prices to be very good, and I believe they will price-match, too.
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I just vacuumed my whole house with my Shark Cordless vac!!
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We had a Kirby when I was growing up and I have yet to ever find a vacuum that comes anywhere near as close as cleaning as that Kirby. It was a bit heavy, but our carpet was sooooooo clean, and it helped my allergies SO much. It's ability to shampoo was also absolutely grand. Right now we have some $200 vacuum that I can't stand. It does an absolute dinky job at actually picking up dirt.

Craig-o and I are gonna hunt down a kirby soon.

I don't think I'll ever like anothing vac as much as that old kirby we had.
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is a Rainbow Vacum. It has a water canister that really traps all of the hair and dust. When we use it (and we only have two cats), we literally pull gobs of hair out of the water. It looks like wet lint from the dryer. Also this vacum can be placed in the center of a room and turned into an air purifier. It will cleanse the air of pollutants!! We love it. It sucks the dust and hair in and traps it in the water. NO dust particles escape back into the air like with ordinary vacumes. Becuase it is a water tank, there are no expensive filters to replace.
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Make sure you get one that has an attachment for vaccuming your kitties!

Seriously though, a friend of mine has a vac that she straps to her back, much like the ones cleaners use. She says it's great because it's light and you dont have to yank the vac all over the house.
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I have a simplicity. I like it alot but when it dies I'm getting a Miele. My neighbor has one; she says it rocks!!
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