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Has anyone heard from Anne?I an so worried about her & her family.Are any of these bomings anywhere near her? Anne be safe!!
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Anne is fine Sherral, her and hubby and Ron are away on a nice retreat at the moment. They went to Eilan which (I hope) is far enough away from the insanity. It is supposed to be the finest resort in Israel.
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In my thoughts
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Eilat is a resort beach town, very far from all the insanity...
I worked there at one of the hotel and lived there for 2 years.

Its definately the most peaceful, soreal, beautiful place I know in Israel!
Its not too far from the "dead Sea".

In Eilat we have one of the 3 biggest underwater observatory in the world!!!! (along with Australia & San Francisco)!!!!

If you ever come here - you have to go see Eilat!

Im glad Anne is there right now. She desereves the peace and quiet(she's working so hard!).
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