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I am so depressed yall

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I think I may leave my husband so I can have my cat! It is making me soo upset because he won't let me have another one...he says I am lucky to have the 2 we have..I had to beg to get Fluffy so ya know...gosh, my heart is breaking yall...
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At least you have 2, right?
Dont be upset... maybe one day your husband will agree to bring in another angel...

Be happy! some people can't have any cats at all...
You know, one of my best friends is allergic to cats, but is absolutely crazy about them she's devistated every time she sees a cat on TV or anywhere. Her parents dont have money to buy the Sybirian kind of cats, that can leave with allergic people.
Imagine not being able to have cats at all?!?!?

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I know, I feel selfish feeling this way...this phase will pass I am sure...I just had to get out my frustrations....
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Thats okay... all in all - I totally understand how you feel!

I had such a fight with my S/O to bring 2 in the house and not just one...
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I know how you feel. I only have one cat and thats all I'll probably ever have at one time because I'm allergic. I already take allegra everyday and clean like mad for just one cat!! I see those cats at the pet adoption center at petco and think I'd like to bring them all home. I should consider myself lucky to have Soloman.
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don't worry he will come around! my hubby was sent on two inside cats only and now we are going to end up with 6 or 7 inside and 6 outside!
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rock&fluff's mom, you could go with the old stand by, crying. that's how I got the two girls inside. Horrible thing to admit but S/O wanted to get more pedigree cats. I was feeding the two girls and one very big tom at the time and S/O and I were all set to go to more cat shows to look for different breeds that we might be interested in. Well it turns out there really lots of cats I liked and we were considering but then out of the blue, the tom got into a fight with some racoons and disappeared(haven't seen him since, still hoping he's ok but that was about a year ago) so I was talking to S/O and since Isis had lost her litter of babies(we think because of the racoons) I wanted to bring her inside. He was all against it at first but I told him he was cruel and coldhearted and wasn't at all like the man I thought he was if he couldn't even take in a living creature that needed help, of my goodness it was pretty interesting. Luna was not as bad, I just simply told him we are taking her in, he didnt' argue much and the tears didn't flow to much that time. unfortunately 4 is my limit and I know that, my house is just big enough for the four of them.
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Kathy: i can TOTALLY relate. :

i am going for my third kitty as well.

This is how i convinced him it is okay to have another kitty:

i spend A LOT of time with my kitties when my hubby is not around. Whenever he is home, i make a concerted effort to spend MORE time with him. This way, he will not feel "neglected" (men can be such babies i tell you.. teehee!)

Also, i involve him in little kitty activities: cat shows, kitty shopping, and made them as fun as possible!

Smiles and Cheers!
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i would tell ya the story of how i got nanook but i would be too embrashed
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Oh no, Rock&Fluff'sMom,

Please don't feel discouraged. Now I feel really bad that I got a new kitten and told you about it. However...we weren't able to have human children and hubby didn't care to adopt, so please feel blessed with your beautiful family. I think in time your hubby will come around (I'm truly hoping!). But really, take comfort in knowing - you really have been blessed with your darling children and 2 present felines.

Smile! Please...
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Barb is right - crying works. A few years ago, Mom went out to Animal Control, to get licenses, for a couple of her dogs. While she was there, she HAD to "shop". There was the cutest beagle and Mom and my niece, Mysti fell in love.

When they got home, they told my dad about the beagle and he said, "Four is enough, no more dogs!" Mom and Mysti cried. Mom was camped on the doorstep, when they opened, the next morning. That was about 6 years ago and my dad loves Hank as much as they do.

If had known that crying works so well, I'd have taken my dad shopping, at the Cadillac dealer.
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Sandi, I am feeling a little bit better about it this afternoon..I think I was in one of my moods, and felt emotional and Yes I still do want another kitty, but I DO feel blessed with my children...I felt guilty for even wanting another one because I have my beautiful children, and kitties already....I feel later in time though will be a better time to get another one..rather he likes it or not..not to disrespect him or anything, but he is hardly ever here anyway...he is a workaholic, and with the 2 kitties we already have, he doesn't share any part at all taking care of them..I don't want him to..but...they do like him, he plays with them, he just doesn't clean litter boxes, clip claws, brush hair, or whatever else it is I do with them....and also..don't feel bad about telling me about getting another kitty Sandi...I love reading everyone's stories about their kitties and doggies, kids, or whatever kind of pet you may have....It just helps me bond with your kitties and everyone else's here too..I feel like I am a part of you alls kitties lives as well as my own, so,,anyway, please keep showing off pictures of your new Lucky Kitty ok? Thanks for caring overall everyone!
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I know exactly how you feel, Rock&Fluff'smom! My sweetheart (fiance) is a total dog-person. He wants to have hunting dogs and breed them one day, but heaven forbid I have more than one cat! He was raised with dogs; I was raised with cats and dogs. They are both wonderful pets in their own way, but having a dog does not replace having a cat! And when I said it wasn't fair for him to breed dogs, but I couldn't breed cats, he said he'd rather not breed any animals than breed cats! (He's never lived with a cat before.)

His first response when I said I wanted a kitty was, "Cats are such pointless animals, they don't ever do anything useful!" I was like, scuse me??? And then I pointed out that cats kill rodents and bugs, etc., and he was like, "OK . . . still, it's a cat." I took him to a cat show with me, and he sulked and whined the entire time. He's obviously going to need some work . . .

Luna is coming in a week or two, though, so hopefully she'll soften him up a bit. I'm hoping that once he has personally owned a cat, he'll like them more.

Anyway, now that I'm done rambling, good luck with the kitty situation and try not to worry too much! Things always tend to work themselves out!
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I was so sad when I brought home my 2nd cat because she was on death row. My other cat was mad, and they fought, so after a month hubby told me she had to go. I slept in another room with her, tears ruuning down my face, I think she knew what was up, and was licking my tears. The next morning when she was suppose to go I was crying and told him she was not going back to the pound, that I was putting her up in a cat hotel for $200 a week no matter what... well that changed his mind. And now many months later that cat lays on him and they watch tv together, he seeks her out to get on his lap. Linda
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and ONLY because I live in a basement apartment (very luxurous) in my parent's house. My first cat lives upstairs with my parents. She is extremely frightened of other cats and will not integrate. She runs all the time and hides and gives the other cats I have tried to introduce to her, the green light to be dominant and aggressive with her. Also, mom is allergic to cats and this one doesn't affect her much. I managed to force one more in because I agreed to keep it in my basement apartment. I got Lily from the Petfinders site. She originally came with another cat who was in pain and mentally ill. The other kitty was miserable and suffering. She always hated people and seemed crippled to me. We euthanized her thinking it was for the best. The vet who (tried to) examine Daisy felt it was for the best too. They couldn't even examine her because she acted so feral! Her companion is a dear most of the time and will have a forever home here.

It has been my dream to have FOUR cats co-exist peacefully, but as long as I live in my P's house, it isn't going to happen. I feel blessed with the two that I have now though.
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Mate, you can always tell him you'll have another baby instead - he'll beg you to get another cat then!
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I just wanted to clarify something Rock&Fluff's Mom - I wanted to be sure that you knew I knew you know you're blessed with your beautiful children. I think sometimes a lot of us forget that when we write something, the person reading it can't hear our tone of voice, or really know how we mean things. (I'm speaking for myself, of course). I didn't think you took it the wrong way, I just wanted to make sure you knew.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Just for the record, I'm only able to sleep until about 5 am - then the crazy kitten seems to come out in Charm and she starts attacking things I can't see - but this morning started on my feet under the comforter (oh,'m I gonna nip that in the bud?).
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Don't worry, a time will come when you will get another kitty, and it will be at the right time. Everything has its own pace.

He'll change eventually. One day he will wake up, when the kids are older, when all the work goals are met, when he finds out that there has been a lot that he has missed and then he will change. I've seen it before, workaholics are funny that way. They go through cycles and when they reach a certain point they either change or they break. Most change though, and majority change for the better.
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My husband says no more cats after these 2 die, but I've already warned him that I will always have at least 1 cat for my entire life. One thing, though, he's always hated pets but I told him he had to accept my two babies in order to marry me and he came 'round. He still doesn't like them, but at least he's not as negative. I think he may even find that he likes them once we have them living with us, but I'm not holding my breath (my husband can be a stubborn jerk when he wants to). Anyhow, I know I can't have 3 (and my heart breaks when I see a kitty that needs a home), but I have the path paved for at least one in my household at all times. (I want 30 like my Mom had when she was young!)

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