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Getting a new kitten in 3 weeks

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Snoopy's mother just had kittens again about a month ago, my buddy called me last night and asked me to take a look at this orange long haired fuzzball. Can't tell if it's a boy or a girl yet, but I decided to take it in 3 more weeks. If it's a boy I will name it Morris if it's a female toss up between Diamond or Marmalade.

Already this thing is very affectionate, it snuggled up on my shoulder purring away and it was taking swipes at my baseball cap playfully and it licked me to death.... pictures will be posted ASAP

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Just to let you know, I think that most respectable breeders and vets say that a kitten should ideally stay w/ the mommy cat until its around 12 weeks old. I'm hoping one of our experts will chime in here and clarify.

Perhaps you could tell you friend to keep the kitten a bit longer so he/she can learn and benefit from its mother for the longest possible time.
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You might want to tell you friend that after this last litter is weaned she should consider getting the cat spayed. Unless she is a breeder, there are far to many cats and kittens in the world already. To spay her female would be a good idea both for the health of the cat and other reasons. Also keeping it with mom for at least 12 weeks as Daniela already pointed out, is a good idea too.

Congrats on the kitten. Orange cats are the best!
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Congrats on getting your kitty!!! Ditto to what the other ladies said too..
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ita with getting momma spayed once the litter is weaned. My kittens are 6 weeks old tomorrow and they are no where near ready to leave mommy cat. They JUST started eating canned food and drinking water, but they still look to mommy for alot of things.
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Not up to me to get Snoopy's mother fixed, she's been pumping out kittens for 4 years now, Snoopy being one of the first bunch. While I agree with not taking the kitten too early from it's mother, I'm also not inclined to let the kitten stay with my friend's kids any longer than it has to be. I wasn't overly impressed with how they manhandled the kittens and they are old enough to know better.
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since you are friends with this person, i would try to infrom them about spaying and how important it is. It might not be up to you but maybe you can help her to make the right choice. exspeical if she has little kids that are manhandling the babies.
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I found the stages of a kitten and when they should be placed in a home, and how long they need to be with their momma....I know you didn't ask for it, but I thought it might be siteful..

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Poor momcat. But you are correct, it is not up to you. Under the circumstances taking a kitten from a home like that early is probably a good idea. The kitten will be lacking in litterbox manners and will probably be a biter though, just so you are prepared. If you can let your friend know the benefits to getting this female spayed I am sure the cat would thank you for it.
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Congrats on your new baby! I do have to agree with what everyone else has said, but it probably is a good idea to get the kitten out of an environment like that if it isn't being handled well.
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Well, I didn't take a kitty yanger than 11-16 weeks... But it's IMHO, anyway, greetings with your little baby!
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