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...And my Little Miss Mischief (aka: Missy!)

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Well...I'm going to TRY and post photos of Spike (and the next one will be Missy, IF I can get this correct! --Boy oh boy--Spike has a ROUGH life, as you can see!

--UPDATE--see post below for the correct link (thanks SO much jg!! )
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...NOPE...Well, I will try it again, when I figure it out...sorry!

I THINK I did it correctly, but Yahoo won't let me show it the public??? Hmmmmmm... I need to find a way to be able to post them.
Any suggestions?
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Sign up at ... they allow remote linking. When you do post your pictures from that site using the [img] tags, just remember to take off the weird ending they put on the pictures... something like ".orig.jpg"
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Can you use any type of digital camera with that site, since it is Sony's site? I went there, and it seemed like they were really geared toward using only Sony cameras--or did I read it wrongly?
Thanks for the tip--and if I can do it that way, I will!
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I believe you can... I can't imagine how they'd make it so it would have had to come from a Sony camera. You just have to upload your pictures to the site. Hurry darnit, I'm waiting for pictures!
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Ok--Going to TRY this again--and if I cannot get it right, tonight (yawn*)--I am going to go to sleep and try and figure it out tomorrow
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THANKS jg!!!
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adorable cat! looks very pleased with himself...
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--TEEHEE--And Halley (the dog) wants to be friends SO badly with little Spikey!!! teehee

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Oh, I am so glad I can do this now...Y'all will probably get sick of my photos (my DH says I take more photos of the animals, than the PEOPLE who live here!!! haha )
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LOL - That's a good pic I have exactly the same problem with my two cats and our 4-month-old border collie. Chance (the dog) really wants to play with the cats, but they don't want to know.
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No problem!

And is that your Spike?? He's kind of the orange version of MY Spike! Definitely a cutie!
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What a pretty girl!
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She's very pretty!:rainbow:
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Ohh those are sooo adorable!!!! Love that belly pic!!!!
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Missy and Spike are beautiful!! Missy is so perfectly white. I'm glad you got everything working.
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Yees, Spike is the orange and white kitty (the LAAAAZZZYY one!) haha
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What cute pictures. I love upside down kittys! They are both beautiful.

I didnt know about having to take off the wierd ending in imagestation, maybe thats why i was having trouble.
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You have very pretty cats!
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Haha, I can't help but adore your cats. They both look like they have a lot of character. 'Specially Spike! Bet they are a complete blast and full of laughs.
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Beautiful pics of the kitties and Halley! Is she good with the kitties?
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What pretty kitties! Spike looks like he has the life! And Mischief looks so sweet and innocent!
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As far as Halley (the dog) she came to live at our house, at 6 weeks of age, and Miss Mischief(Missy--my white kitty) was already 2 years old. So SHE ruled the roost! So, Halley is a "pleaser" when it comes to being around cats! hahaha She REALLY wants ALL kitties to be her friend. And Spike?? Well, he's only 8 months old now HARRUUMMPHHHH!!! He has YET to be won over by a DOG!!! --But Halley(who is now 5 years old) never tires of trying!
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