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Your Favorite TV Shows?

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Can I have a little help from my new friends please? May is TV ratings month and that's why we are being bombarded with so many specials and season finales etc. I'm doing a little poll of my own as I don't agree with what our local paper says the nation's top three shows are. Please name your favorite top three shows, in the order of your preference. They must be shows currently still in production (or a series that just ended this month). I'll start it off and will eventually tell you the newspaper's list. My three favorite shows (still in production) are:

2)American Dreams
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Well, my very favorite is ending this Tuesday for good... but here they are.

1. - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and I don't want to hear ANY LAUGHING! )
2 - Angel (Again, no laughing please!)
3 - Gilmore Girls

It seems that I'm a big fan of series that at least started on the WB channel. Really, it's a toss-up between Angel and Gilmore Girls as my 2nd and 3rd favorites. I like Angel because it's a spinoff of my favorite show, Buffy, but I LOVE the witty comments that seem to be prevalent on Gilmore Girls. The only good thing that comes out of Buffy being gone for good is that next season, I'll be able to watch Gilmore Girls each week instead of having to watch them from tape afterwards.
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My 3 favorite TV Shows are:

1) Trading Spaces

2) Medical Detectives

3) Fear Factor

I don't watch that much TV, so those are my favorites!
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In general I watch a lot of television . So, it is hard to narrow down my favorites, so I will just tell you what I watch faithfully, either live or from tape.

Monday -

Everwood - great show, really grew on me through the year.

Tuesday -

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - by far my favorite, love it! Tomorrow is the final episode, I may cry.
Smallville - all about Clark, he is hot, and the show isn't bad either .
Gilmore Girls - love the snarkiness. It is great.
American Idol - can't help it, it is addicting. My only "reality tv" addiction.

Wednesday -

Angel - The Buffy spinoff that could! Excellent writing and it is coming back next year!
Dawson's Creek - Gone now, but it ended well

I think that is it. These are the shows I wouldn't miss or at least tape.
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I take classes at night so I don't get to watch much tv. Here is what I watch when I get the chance.

1. Survivor (I can't wait till next season!)

2. CSI

3. CSI Miami
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Law and Order SVU

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My favorite TV shows are:

1. Gilmore Girls
2. CSI & CSI Miami
3. Law & Order CI
4. Trading Spaces & Changing Rooms (BBC)
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1) That 70s Show
2) Drew Carrey
3) Scrubs
4) Hidden Hills

I also love Six Feet Under but don't get HBO anymore so I never watch it.. And my favorite old show is the Golden Girls
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My personal picks are:

1. Everybody loves Raymond (Five thumbs up)

2. Intensive TV and King of the Hill

3. Malcom in the Middle

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Wow! This is more of a mixed bag than I thought. I'm surprised at the variety of answers. Thanks to all who answered. Can I get a few more people to state their faves?
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I watch WAY too much TV!
Here's my faves:
Will & Grace
Judging Amy
Crossing Jordan
Trading Spaces
While you were out
One Life To Live (my fave Soap Opera!)
American Idol
Star Search
and just about any reallife show on The Learning Channel

See, I wasnt' kidding that I watch too much TV! I have to watch the NASCAR races & etc!
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I have a lot of favourite shows:

CSI Miami
Crossing Jordan
Third Watch
That 70s Show
All the Law and Order series
John Doe
Medical Detectives
Beyond Belief
Dog eat Dog

There are others but I cant think of them.
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The Shield
Anything Law & Order
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Without hesitation, my first favourite is Third Watch!! Then Will & Grace, and finally Frasier (it was good at the beginning, but I find that the plots are all too predictable now)

And while it was on, Due South.
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Angel, Buffy, Trading Spaces, and those forensic shows (real-life) like the New Detectives.
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I watch way too much television but my 3 favorite are:

1. Friends

2. Dawson's Creek

3. Seventh Heaven

I could probably list a dozen more but who really wants to read that. ha ha.
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Hmmmmm... Medical Detectives, ER & Survivor. There are some shows here in Aus that I favour more but they aren't shown in the USA.
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my favorite shows are
Will And Grace
While you were out
Orange county choppers
Fear factor (never realy get to watch it couse of school)
i think that is it
:daisy: :rainbow:
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1) That 70s Show
2) Everybody Loves Raymond
3) Malcolm in the Middle
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1) Alias
2) CSI
3) West Wing
4) Enterprise
5) Smallville

I couldn't narrow it down to 3 and I didn't include reality TV - that has it's own seperate list.
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1. All My Children ( the alltime best soap ever!!)
2. Survivor
3. Fear Factor
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Ok, my three favorite shows (when I get to watch them....right now, it's no question who gets the remote and for what!! Dad for NHL!!). I don't get to watch a whole lot of tv, really, but when I do, I like to watch

1. Friends
2. Gilmore Girls
3. That 70s show

That's all I can think of right now. I'll probably think of more later, but those are the main ones I try to watch. I can't even tape them, b/c our VCR is ate a couple of tapes already! Oh well. Someday I'll be able to watch whatever I want! lol
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Tv?????? Mine is one of those old kind w/knobs to turn But w/cable I have a remote, which is still like new because I hardly ever waych. Maybe like once or twice a week.Usually Tuesday because I like

1.Gilmore Girls-I wish my life had such troubles.
2.Smallville--I will grow up and marry Lex and kill anyone who trys to compete!!
after that I do like
3.That 70's Show-when I catch it.
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Besides Oprah, which I usually try not to miss.

I like: Will and Grace, Trading Spaces, Surprised by Design, Scrubs, CSI, and I have become addicted to watching Orange County Choppers too, I'm a former Harley owner, in my younger days and I just like watching it.
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Unsolved History (?--I can't remember the name)
What Not To Wear

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1. OZ
2. Six feet under
3. Gilmore Girls

2+3 are not currently shown on Dutch TV but will (hopefully) return after the summer.
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I forgot about Coupling, a hilarious show on BBCAmerica. Kind of like Friends, only much funnier.
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Six Feet Under - DEFINITELY my favorite show!!!

The Simpsons - watch the show, and sometimes the reruns. We get 3 episodes of The Simpsons every weekday.

American Idol. I didn't miss a show this season. OK, maybe one or two......
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