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New to Forum, but not to Site

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Hi, I just joined because I was interested in the forums. I have two kitties. My oldest is a male Maine Coon mix (orange and white) named Toes at 6 years and my youngest is a female DSH (orange and white) named Tailer at 4 years (she named herself). Because our apartment complex will not allow cats my kitties are living with my Mom and Dad (whom they love) and they are having a ball playing out in the wilds of Wyoming. It also gives them roaming space that they wouldn't have in an apartment. I miss them a lot, though. My Mom says that they come running and listen to my messages on the answering machine and I have to send a piece of clothing or something for them to sleep on occasionally. Toes misses me the most according to my parents and he went through Hell with me and made sure I survived (I did the same for him when he started having seizures). The two of us are partners in life.

Right now my husband and I are waiting to buy a house. When we have one the first thing I'm going to do is drive up to Wyoming and pick up my babies and bring them home.

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I forgot to mention that I'm a sucker for yellow cats and I LOVE everyone's kitty pictures. I'll have to scan some of mine.

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Welcome TTMom! I'm glad you could join us. It's too bad you have to be separated from your babies for now... I'll keep my fingers crossed you find a house you like soon so you can be reunited with them.
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Welcome to the site! I can't imagine being separated from my kitties, and I'm sure it is terribly difficult for you. Good wishes for you that you can be permanently reunited with them very soon!

I hope you enjoy your time here, and we would LOVE to see pics of your cats!
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Welcome to the site, TTMom!

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And if you like all kittens, you may have a look at our bald kittens here
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I'd never seen pictures of the hairless kitties in real life before. They were always in books. Thanks, Cherry!

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It's quite dangerouse to see them in real life, Because they do love still hearts! Aspesially it is really easy to fall in love when you're lucky anough to tuch them!
My mother-in-law hated animals, but when she tuched Kroshechka... She let me have four more!
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Welcome to a wonderfule forum!!
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Hello, and Welcome to TCS!!!!!
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I'm trying to get photos that aren't too big to post to the site. I have to do some editing because even the headshots are too big. I'll post the pictures when I can.


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Links to photos of my babies:


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Wow! They are sooo sweet!! Thanks for sharing
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