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Anyone know anything about Canon Printers?

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When my computer crashed in March, I neglected to re-install my printer. I actually forgot all about it until I tried to print something! I've read every single paper that I've got telling me how to install this stupid thing. I remember it being rather difficult when I originally did this, but this time it's got me stumped.

My printer is a Canon BJC-2100.

I've even looked it up on the net and it doesn't help me any more than my paperwork. Does anyone have this kind of printer? If so, do you have any suggestions. When I try to install it, it tells me that it can not install because "they" can not correspond to my printer. It is turned on and the USB cable is in the right place. This hunk of junk is frustrating me!

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please let me know!
Thank you!
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Should it be turned on for you to install the printer software?
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It said no to plug in the USB cable until it tells me to, but the printer should be on. I've tried every combination...even ones that I knew were wrong just in case if it might work.

I'm obviously missing something...strange thing about it, my brother has even tried and he can't get it either. I just remember when I first got the computer and printer that the instructions were not quite right. I did "something" different and got it to work. Of course that "something" is the thing I can't remember!
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I have a BJC 2100 printer but I use a serial port connection not a USB one... but anyway I would delete any references to your printer from the computer. Then try to reinstall it that way.

What version of Windows are you using? I'm fairly good at Technical assistance but I need to know what version you have.

But at first glance almost sounds like a driver issue to me. If you need a new driver you will have to get it from the US site and NOT the Canadian one.

Check this link out in the meantime:

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Try installing the driver, then rebooting and hooking up your printer. That's what I had to do to get mom's scanner to work. Also make sure you have the latest driver Here

Are you running PC or Macintosh(apple) or is it Windows. If windows, what version? 95,98,2000,XP, etc?
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Ok...I'm definitely not a Computer Guru..I'm still learning this stuff! My computer has Microsoft Windows Millenium Edition.

As for deleting any references to the drivers, I'm clueless. I don't know how to do that! Or do I need to install the driver?

Since I had to send in my computer to get repaired and they wiped it completely clean, I would think I need to install the driver. But I haven't found anything telling me how to do that.

Thanks for your help guys...I really appreciate it!
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I am not a computer whizz but here is what i would do. 1-unhook the printer, 2-uninstall the driver,3-reinstall the driver from the cd 4-restart your computer 5-download any driver updates. and restart again 6-turn your computer off and plugin the printer and turn it on then start up the computer again. Hopfully it will recognize the printer. There are people who know more but this is what i would do,then say some loud swear words.

When you got the printer for the first time it should of come with a cd called "printer driver"
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The cd I got is this:
Canon BJC-2100/2120 version 3 Install Me First

This is what I using when I'm trying to get this hooked up and during the wizard it is telling me that I've got errors. It said that the wizard can not correspond with my printer, check cables and make sure it's plugged in.

btw, I've said every single word in the book and still this damn thing isn't working!
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Did you un-install what was there before?
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If you had a reinstall of windows, you will need to reinstal all your hard ware.
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I went to the canon site and they told me to uninstall my current printer driver. So after I did that, I download a new driver. I popped in the Install Me First Disc and I still have the same problem. I just might have to call Canon's helpline. Really don't want to...since it's long distance and you know how long it's gonna take them to help me. My bill will be outragous!

Thanks everyone...keep the suggestions coming. Every little bit helps!
Thanks again!
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Shell, if you download and install a new driver, you musn't then use the installation CD as it contains an older version of the driver. Have you tried the printer in the other USB port?

I HATE it when the computer doesn't behave! LOL

Make sure all other versions are uninstalled by going to Start/Control Panel/Printers (and faxes). Right-click on the printer icon and go to remove. Remove everything except the Fax (if there is one). Reboot, locate where you downloaded the printer driver, re-install that and see how it goes.
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