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On My Bed

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my kitty just had her babies on my bed, im going to have to move her, is that ok? how should i go about moving her into the box in my closet?
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If you move her and the kittens you need to put them someplace safe and close off the room. A box with a lot of soft bedding in the closet is good, even in an empty drawer (with bedding is good) BUT don't be surprised if she moves them right back to the middle of your bed. You want to be careful moving them, the minute they squeal she will go on alert and may bite you. How many are there? Try to put all of them in a box first and then carry the box to the other box in the closet. She will be following you and wanting them back. Don't get BIT!
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Theres 4 so far, but I think there are more. Shes getting really tired and not wanting to even get up to clean the one she just had,, its scary They are all alive and searching for a nipple though. I will try what you said and see how she reacts. i know she trusts me because i have already moved a baby to find a nipple, she saw and didnt care. I dont mind shes on my bed but i do need a place to sleep hehe
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If you think she is still in labor and going to have more then don't move the kittens. If you see the mom visibly straining for 20 minutes with no results, call the vet, if she is lethargic or bleeding, call the vet. Better safe then sorry especially if you are nervous about what is happening.
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shes not doing anything right now.. shes takin a rest and getting some sleep.. but i can see another baby moving inside her. Its been 43 minutes since she had her last one.
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You can see another baby move inside her? Do you have a regular vet you can call just to check up and make sure that everything is going okay?

Hoping all is going okay!
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YAY 5 babies! I think shes done.. shes just sooo tuckered out hehe shes sleeping and all the babies are latched onto a nipple
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Awwww. I hope all 5 are nice and healthy... mom too.
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Poor kitty, she had it rough. Everything going ok today? Did you get them moved, or did you decide to sleep elsewhere last night?
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I feel for you. When Lilith had her kittens 2 yrs ago, it was right in the middle of our bed. I was in the bed, asleep, when it started, and BF was in the computer room playing a game. I woke up to a teeny tiny "mew!" and turned on the light, well there was Jules! I got up and dressed in a hurry, and over the next 5 hours there were 5 more kittens! We didn't get much sleep that night, and everything down to the mattress pad had to get thrown away, as it was soaked in birth-stuff.

Once she and the kittens were settled, we were able to get them moved into a large crate we'd set up for them in the closet (sounds like the situation you've got going there). Everything went fine.

Hope your cat and her babies are doing well! Let us know, and we want pictures!!

What color are the kittens? What color is the momcat?
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