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Meet ROXY!!!!

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Roxy is are latest addition, I got her on my birthday back in feb.
She is a sweetie, who loves to cuddle, play, and talk quite a bit. I couldn't resist taking her home from the shelter, and she was so tiny, moewing from the cage, someone had brought her in and said they found her on the street wrapped in a blue scarf (in snowy winter) she was 6 months old. After a few days of being with us she got terribly sick with a bad URI, and for a month it was very rough, but she got better everyday and is now in perfect health!
Her favorite toy is the laser toy, and tin-foil balls! She runs to the kitchen every time I rip foil, it's so funny! She and my Leo are always playing and grooming eachother, and she gives Piper energy too, since we had her Piper behavior has drastically changed!

She is a torti, and we love her very much! She also got spayed last wednesday, and is doing great!

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What a spunky Black Tortoishell!.. Congrats on her !!, Roxy is sweet name also
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What a beautiful cat! Lucky you to have adopted her and lucky her for your finding her. I'm so glad she survived, it sounds like she had a rough start in life...found in a scarf in the middle of winter...geez.

Congrats! And, as always, best of luck to you both. How are the others reacting to her?
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thanks Sandi and WelligtonCats!

We did the slow introduction thing, Roxy was isolated from day 1, and for a few weeks cause she was so sick, Leo and Piper new something was up and consistantly tried to get in the room she was in. Her and Leo played paws under the door, and when we finally let her out, Piper didn't mind (no hissing or anything) and same with Leo, no reaction? I guess they got to know she was there just by her being in the other room, but we were like "are you guys blind??"
we gave them all treats, and Roxy and Leo started to play and wrestle and have been best buds ever since. They are so much fun to watch together. Piper didn't mind her either, and has started to copy her, jumping of things she never explored before! Roxy does chase her tail from time to time which she doesn't like very much, but it gives her exercise!! also that was Leo's job before until we got Roxy! But there is no agression or fighting, they all accepted eachother and seem more content everyday. Piper will swat them when they go after her food, and if they are bugging her to much, but mostly it just every once in while, we have flying kitties chasing eachother, it's very entertaining I must say!
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Love the name! What a beautful cat!
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What a gorgeous gal! She looks like she knows her kind were once worshipped as gods But then again, that's the tortie attitude in general!

Bless you for rescuing her.
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What a pretty cat!
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She's very pretty!
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thanx mom of 10 cats, auroraviva and Lorie d.!!!

Are Torti's known to have a lot of personality??? because Roxy definetly does, she talks way more that the others, she is super playful, and cuddly, she likes to lie on my hip at night was I am lying on my side, and then goes to lie on my husbands back, then back to me, it's like she is trying to say I love you both!
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Anita, they call it "torti-tude". Definitely known for their strong personalities!

She's so pretty! I'm so glad your feline family accepted her so well. It sounds like she's really bringing Piper out of her shell, too.
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What a pretty little girl!
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My Pleasure!!
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She is beautiful!!
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Sandie, Roxie's story is so nice!
And im glad your othr cats accepted her so smoothly...

She's beautiful!!! :pinky:
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Roxy sounds like an excellent addition to your gang. She is a beautiful tortie.
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Awww, she is beautiful .

Oddly enough, my Marbles (also a tortie) sleeps on my hip too! And she has a lot of personalitiy, and plenty of tortie-tude. She is stubborn as anything , but so much fun .
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We should start a thread of pics of just Torti's! and compare notes!

Roxy is stubborn also, she is the only one who knocks the food container off the counter if we accidentally leave it there, even for just a few minutes, even right after eating!!!

she also will do anything to get my attention in the morning to wake me up to feed her... I can ignore there little meows, but now she bites pieces of carboard boxes (we leave as toys), doesn't eat the carboard but spits in out, and make a lot of noise (and a mess), so we can't sleep through that...even hubby wakes up, and he doesn't even wake up from alarm clocks...we now ofcourse have had to put the boxes in a cuboard at night...and I am waitng to see what she thinks of next!!

Yes she is so much fun !!!
here's one more pic of her palying with a plastic straw (another toy favorite!)
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Anita, Roxy is beautiful and doesn't she have CATTITUDE! She especially looks great on the leopard print blanket.
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my Tortie Cat is also a very often speaking one. Always she is moving or coming in a new room, she must give a "hrrrm" . No chance to ignore her if she´s coming to you... she is speaking with you. And if we call her name, her answer is shure.
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Roxy is gorgeous! She sounds like lots of fun
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Thanks you guys for all the replies!!

Unique, your torti is very cute! how old is she?
Roxy does the same thing!!! when ever we walk in a room where she is, once she makes eye contact with us she talks, (meows) and then when you go to pet her she does the hrrr sound, and when she leaves the room the same hrr sound...

sometime she after she leaves the room we are in, she is making all wierd talking noises from the next room, combo of meows and hrrs, it so funny, we could be watching tv, but can't help laughing when she talks...

my husband imitates her sounds and they have a cat conversation, I imitate her too sometimes, but she will keep talking as long I talk to her.

the funniest is when I talk on the telephone, she thinks I am talking to her or something and jumps on me talking away, people on the other line are like is that your cat? and I say "she was quiet two minutes ago!"

anyone elses cat start to talk while they are on the phone?
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thats sooo funny, Marjie does the same!!! If my sister is on the phone, she always is laughing about the sound in the backround. Marjie is just a very talkative cat. Her name is Marjorie because we hat her at home end she started her typical "hrrrm" by every new room she did watch. So we called her Marge (You now Simpsons? Marge always makes "hrmm" if she is mad.) From Marge we came to Marjorie, so we named her Marjorie.
She is 11 month old.
Your Roxy is a real beauty!
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