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I found his stash

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of balls that is! We've been wondering how in the heck Trent looses so many sparkle balls so fast.....well, now I know. I found his stash. The problem was that he couldn't get them back out, so would ask for more. Daddy would oblige and I was left wondering where they all went! Note: These come in packs of 12, so there's at least 3-4 packages of almost NEW balls here! LOL

I laughed so hard I almost cried when I saw these. Here's Trent claiming his treasure.....

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OMG Trent That's too funny! What a stasher!! ..LOL
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Hee hee- Taz always pushes his treasures underneath on specific armchair. Every so often I tip it up and discover his goldmine.
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oh my goodness Heidi - where was he hiding them?

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Grayski does this!I spend a hour a day looking for his balls!I really hate it when they go under the stove and :censor::censor::censor::censor:. !
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Oh boy, thats so funny!
and I love those sparkly balls! It looks so nice and simple, and yet I never saw these in my pet stores here...

Trent is so sweet!
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Heidi that is so funny and adorable!!

i vacuum under the sofa frequently. At most times, i would find at least several toys trapped there as well.

Thanks for sharing.. very very cute! :

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How funny!!!
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Cat's are so silly
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Where were they? Because I am sure that we have that many spongy balls somewhere around here. Every once in a while a different one shows up, but I know that there are a lot stored somewhere!
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In our bathroom we have a foot soaker stored beside the toilet. He likes to play with the sparkle balls in the bathroom because they scoot over the floor better. Well, I went in there today and he was playing with a ball, and I saw that he had kinda lost it under the foot soaker. So I picked it up and lo and behold the whole underside was nothing but balls!!! LOL There was just enough room under the bottom edge for a ball to be pushed under when he tried to get it out.

Nunny: We get those in the craft department of Wal Mart (although about any story with a craft department has them). They are $1.99 for 12 balls. We went to Petsmart today and they had the same balls, a little bigger in size and rolled in catnip, for 4 for $1.99. I think I'll stick to the craft section.
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that is hilarious! faile likes to play with these bouncey balls i found in the grocery store, and some fuzzy ones. they usually end up between the stairs and the wall in the entryway. she runs down there whenever we walk near the stairs, cause she knows we'll go and throw them up the stairs for her. she loves to chase them.
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Hehe! That's too cute!
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What a smart little boy! Hiding all his toys so he gets new ones all the time. I think Trent and Spike have been talking...
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Too funny!! Cute!!
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How funny!!
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WOW that is alot of toys!! We always find them under the stove and under the china closet! I have to do a cleaning soon because ALOT of toys are missing!
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That is too funny . Also too cute .

That happens at my house sometimes, I will go on a mouse hunt and wind up with a pile of them in the middle of the floor, but by morning they are all gone again.
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Cats do funny stuff like that.

One of my cats (Gus) used to "stash" x-mas tree branches behind the toilets in our house. Weird....
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What an eyeopener it must have been to find a treasure trove! I guess Trent will have to find another hiding place. Well, that will give you something interesting to do-try to outsmart the cat. I don't think we'll ever get that smart. We're too well trained!
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That is soooo funny! What a little sparkle ball miser!

I have a curtian rod that i lie under the front of my stove to keep the toys from sliding under. It works good because you can adjusit to length, I used to use it fishing the toys out because the ends are curved and then just had the idea and left it under there as a bumper. Thats my cat tip of the day!
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Tamara. Great idea! Now if you could solve the problem of the two socks going in the dryer, and only one coming out, we'd nominate you for an award!
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LOL... Tiger does the same thing as Trent does... Me and my roomate find her and Patch's toys hidden everywhere in the apartment. Under couches, tables etc. We even think she has a ball hidden under the refrigerator, but we cant get to it.
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Ohmygoodness Heidi! I just saw this and it's soooo funny! Can you come over here and find my kitties stash of mice? I swear I've given them maybe 10 mice in the last few months and they've ALL disappeared!
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My parents had a huge box of kitty toys when they moved out of their old house--mostly all were barely used from the 17 years they lived there and the multiple cats we've had hiding the toys.

When I lived in Chicago I went on regular toy round-ups, my kids have enough toys to fill a large kitty (medium dog) bed and within a couple days they'd all be spread out around the house again.

Got to love them kitties!


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