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Hi, I am brand new to this board. I saw a link

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for it on the Petfinders site. They do alot of bashing over there, so a poster recommended other sites. I have two cats. They are Blondie a 10 yr-old Abyssinian mix and Lily a 3 yr-old Abyssinian mix (not related). I am single and don't have kids so these gals are my "children". I am glad to have found a site just for catlovers!!
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Welcome catlover! We try to keep the bashing out of the forums and ask that everyone check their bats at the door! Welcome to a really nice place.
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Glad you found this place! It really is a fun place to be. Everyone gets along and there is absolutely no bashing here.

Hope you like it as much as the rest of us do!
Happy posting!
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Hey, I have a Blondie and a Lily (Lilith) too! Lil is Blondie's mom.

Welcome, hope you enjoy the site! We're a pretty friendly bunch and we usually keep our claws retracted
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My teeth are sharp and ready to sink !!!!!!! .. Nah I'm friendly and so are the rest ARE us, Sorry a joke in the cat lounge about the english ..LOL

Have Fun and WELCOME!
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Welcome to the site! Yup, we have a pretty friendly bunch, and we try to keep the claws checked at the door. Anti-declawing for the cats, but for us......

Hope you enjoy your time here!
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The petfinder.com site is soo great and informative, but some its message threads are sooo mean. I’m totally all for healthy debate, but enough already. You what's funny to me is no one on there ever argues about cat breeding. I guess it isn't as big of a problem or something. I don't know much about it. I think most everyone can agree that any ol’ kitty is just a precious as a purebred. They’re all so wonderful!
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Hi catlover67! Just wanted to welcome you aboard.
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I too am new, but I just wanted to say that I too think this is great site. The Forums remind me of the old internet where people had fun and exchanged information.

I'm having my husband scan a couple of photos of my babies to share with everyone.

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of you are able to post of your pets. I like that they blink and such too. I am going to college to get a Library media degree, but there are SOOO many things I am unskilled at in regards to computers. We don't have a scanner or a digital camera here at the house so I am unable to do anything fancy. Thanks for the welcome! I will enjoy it on here.
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Hi and welcome!

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Welcome Catlover! My furbaby Max is also my only child. We may disagree once and a while, but I have never had anyone treat me rudely and I try to do the same. I have learned loads about how to treat my furbaby Max in the best way possible and have had some fun discussions about other things along the way. I hope you enjoy our company and I'm sure we will enjoy yours.
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glad you are here! Welcome!
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