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The mother of all parties!

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Will start here soon! I do belive today is the day when the forums hit 1000 members!

So... who's going to be our 1000th member? I may not be here when that happens - so you guys we'll be in charge of the bloborama of all blobaramas. Just don't be too hungover when I come back tomorow morning !
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:laughing2 At this rate we'll need a forum JUST for parties!
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I noticed 999 when I logged on just now and started my own thread about it. Sorry for not browsing carefully enough.
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DeDe's Mom, come on in and join the party!!!! You are the 1000th registered member of the Cat Site!!!!!

It's time to kick it into HIGH GEAR!!! As Tom Cruise said in "Cocktail": THE BAR IS OPEN!!!!!

(not you, blue)

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It's Blob-O-Rama time!

One-thousand registered members — and counting!

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A new flea collar, a tube of advantage, or does she just get to hang out with all of us cat fanatics instead? Congrats to the 1000th member and congrats to Anne for this website! it seems to be growing in popularity daily! You pour the suds and I will cut the cyber cheesecake!
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I just came from Deb 25's place, where a party is underway. So, I guess it's Blob-O-Rama time here as well!

DeDe's Mom, congratulations some more!

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Welcome DeDe's Mom! Our 1000th member
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Hi everyone!

I guess my invitation must've gotten lost in the mail! Party, did someone say PARTY??? Well, I'm a bit exhausted from doing laundry and cleaning cages but I guess I could stay for a while. God my cat has boney legs. He's in my lap right now and his back leg bone is digging into my thigh.

YAHOO!! Let's put on some AC/DC music!

:icecream: :pinky: :blubturq: :blubturq:

Okay, it's time for me to and hit the sack. I've got an interview early tomorrow.

Have fun guys and don't party too much!
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:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

WOOHOOOO!!!!! wow, Anne, this place is growing super fast! AWSOME! I'm privalidged to have been one of the early ones (under 1000)!
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No point in having two seperate parties... so I merged them!

I woke up today to 1003 members!

:blubturq: :afrorainb :blubturq: :afrorainb :blubturq: :afrorainb :blubturq: :afrorainb :blubturq: :afrorainb :blubturq: :afrorainb :blubturq: :afrorainb

Thank you everyone for joining and making this place the no. 1 cat forum on the internet!!!! (I think...)
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It definitely is Anne, and if I could i would have subsciribed a thousand times more!!!!
This is by far the place I've found understanding and friendly advice and FRIENDS and fellow souls
Great work Anne, I simply admire it!
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1000 members!!!


:afrorainb :afrorainb
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I tired to sign my daughter Amy up from my house, but it kept saying that I was already a member. Even if I tried from aol with her user name and password. Any hints as to how I can do it from my computer? If not, that means I have to drive to her house and do it!

Thanks for your help and CONGRATULATIONS!! on being the best cat site on the web!
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Each PC in the world has a unique IP address that identifies it and the reason the site won't allow you to sign up a second time is probably because of the cookies placed in your temporary internet files folder on your C: drive.

If, on the main page, there is a 'sign out' option, that would be the easiest way. Otherwise, you may have to do a 'disc clean up' and clear all of the cookies out of your system (A cookie is sent to your PC from the sites that you visit on the web, so it recognizes your PC and who you are each time you visit).

I'm not the most PC savvy person in the world, so if anyone else has any better ideas, maybe they'll offer them.
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Thanks for joining our growing community DeDe's mom.

:blubturq: :LOL:
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DeDe's Mom..... (where is she??....she is missing her party!!)

Welcome to you, DeDe's mom!!!! #1000 is a huge honor!!!!!!!

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I agree with Meow Man. I'd try logging out and see if you can try again.
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Congradulation Anne & everyone on this site! :afrorainb How long has this site been on the web anyway?? 1000 Cheers, and a toast for the next 1000.:blubturq:
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Just for the record, this site is now almost 9 months old - boy, time flies when you're having fun!
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Wow... so I must have been one of the first to join then, huh...I joined in November!
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