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Clicking back

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Just an idea. You know how there's TheCatSite.com Forums > XX > XX > Post name up the top? Is it possible to put this down the bottom, too, so that when you get to the bottom post of the page, you can just click on the one back from where you were. This would be particularly useful when you're in the lounge, you've finished reading all the replies to a post (or replied yourself) and instead of having to scroll all the way up to the top to click on The Lounge, you could click on the same thing down the bottom.

What do you think? I hope I haven't confused anyone! LOL
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PS I have it set to 40 posts per page. I just had the thought that I wrote, 'scroll all the way up to the top" and you might be wondering why I found it so far to scroll.
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Tania, at the bottom of the page is a "Forum Jump" pulldown that I've found really helpful. It is automatically set to go back into the main forum you are viewing, but you can also choose any of the forums to jump to.
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I also use the feature at the bottom which allows you to jump to any forum. Give that a try Kumbulu.
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Cool! I like it, just what I was looking for. Thanks guys - I'll put my contacts in and look a bit harder next time.
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LOL, glad it works for you!
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