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oh what a sweetheart!
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What a cutie!
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Aww how sweet she is!!

I absolutely love the name Charm. It certainly suits her and it's such a cute kitty name! Keep up with the adorable pics please!
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Love Sooooooooooooo cute!
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I LOVE the pic of her wrapped in the blanket! What a cutie!
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Thanks! I loved that photo in the blanket, too. I was so afraid she'd wake up when she heard me turn the camera on - I was so lucky to get that shot. Because...when she's awake, she's so quick - it's sometimes very difficult to get a good picture of her.
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Charm is a great name for a cat, especially since kitties are terribly charming.

She's so cute! It's been a while since I've had a kitten so it's nice to see these pictures. I'm going to have to drag out some of my old photos of my babies to remind me.

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Oh Sandi - Kitty's Lucky Charm - I LOVE IT!!!!

Charm is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have two black and white kitties. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm glad I finally caught up to the pics, LOL!)

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She is adorable! I want a kitten! It sounds like she loves her new mommy, and you are under her spell. Her name certainly fits her.
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You hit it right on the head, Brenda.

She can drive me crazy sometimes (usually 4 or 5 am) when I really want to sleep. But, she's well worth it.

Took Charm to the vet today and she is now on antibiotics since her upper respitory infection hasn't cleared up yet and it's been more than 7 days that she's had it. So, now we'll see if the coughing and sneezing/stuffiness clear up. If not, we might be looking at asthma, but the vet said she hasn't seen it in such young kittens. (Of course, anything is possible).

Her appetite is great and she still loves to play, play, play. Her favorite toy seems to be the feather toy (just like Lucky favored). Maybe they just enjoy the interaction with their "people".

Now, Charm will meow like crazy when I enter that room and I really have to watch, because she's so fast, she's right next to my feet in a flash. I've started to "shuffle" again.
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Sandi, LOL!

But I'm so sorry about the upper respiratory problem. Got your little baby in my prayers!

...any interaction with Lucky yet?
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Thanks Laurie,

No interaction with Kitty or Lucky yet and we haven't put the screen door on my bedroom yet because the vet stated that if she has any contact with the other cats, they could end up with a URI as well. So, we're just biding our time. Right now I have a folded up box pushed in the doorframe so when I open the bedroom door nobody jumps in and Charm doesn't jump out. However, our dog and Charm have sniffed noses (just this morning as a matter of fact) and it was so cute. I've been feeling like I've been neglecting Lucky a bit with playing - so now I've devised a schedule to make time to play with her. She has been giving me a quiet type of hiss from time to time so I know she's feeling a bit stressed about a new addition as well as me not spending as much time with her. Sometimes I wish there were 2 of me, you know?

I'll let you all know when Charm meets the other girls. It'll probably be a while yet as she's on antibiotics (amoxicillan) right now and still sneezing a bit, but I think it's getting less and less.
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I love the recent pictures.
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OMG! She is beautiful! She could also be Merlin's twin. He has the same spot on his back!
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here is a link to pics of my kitties when they were babies - check out Merlin!

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Your babies are so precious! I love them all - and yes, your Merlin does look a bit like Charm. And Pepperpot is fabulous looking! I thought Excalibur has the same type markings as Charm (but of course Excalibur's are gold/orange). What a tiny kitten that one was, hey? That's how little Charm is - so tiny. But full of that kitten energy and so very full of charm.

Thanks for the link to the pictures - I'm so happy you shared them with me - they made me smile.
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Gorgeous Pictures! Ady
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