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Pictures of our new kitty

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Now the hardest part will be picking out a name. Kevin thought "Charm" might be cute - it goes with "Lucky" (one of our other cats in case some of you didn't know that). The new kitten looks similar to our oldest gal, Kitty.
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awwwwwwwwww what a cutie!!!!!
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I don't know how to put more than one in a single post - sorry.
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one more and then I have to go play with her - she's meowing like crazy in my room.
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She's a sweetheart! Charm really suits her.
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She is adorable!

Charm is a cute name. She looks so very sweet.
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I just thought of some other names - Trinket, Magic and Amulet.
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Sandi OMG!!! She looks so much like Ophelia!!!!!! What a gorgeous little kitten!

Congrats on the new addition!
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She does too! Sandi, be honest now, did you steal Ophelia???
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What a cutie! I love the name btw...it just seems to fit her!
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She has charmed me! Congrats Sandi, you have come a long way from that stressed out woman with a cat hiding under her bed!
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She's such a sweetheart, Charm compliments her beuty(sp?) !!!
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Okay everyone, Charm it is.

Heidi, I thought the very exact thing when we saw her. She's like Ophelia's twin. (Notice I didn't steal the name as well...thought about it... ).

I had to laugh at your post Hissy...gosh, do I ever remember how desperate I felt on several occasions. Guess it made me feel like I could take on the world if I could tame a feral (with SO much thanks to all of the people here who care - and especially all your knowledge) .

Princess Purr, Kumbulu, Mom of 10 Cats, Shell, and WellingtonCats, thanks so much for your enthusiasm and sweet comments - you can't know how much it means to have gained such great friends in all of you. It's just a relief to know you're all here no matter if the needs be big or small. And I do enjoy hearing about all of the wonderful cats and especially seeing pictures of them.

I guess we are a breed of our own, aren't we?

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Well, she's not exactly Ophelia's twin.....Ophelia has a black heart on her chin (people say it looks like she has a beard ). She is a cutie-pie though! I just couldn't get over how much they look alike, even had to show hubby.

So how are Lucky and Kitty reacting to the new arrival so far?
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Aww! What a precious little kitten! Her name suits her!
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congrats Sandi! She is so cute, my first thought was wow she looks like Ophelia! I didn't know you were getting another kitty! I thought hubby said no more? guess you softened him up! I had to do the same thing, hubby only wanted one, and has 3 now!!!

how old is she? have you let the others meet her? Ain't it fun to play with them, it always brings smiles to my face. They are so sweet and loving!

oh and I love the name charm, it really does suit her!

oh and valanhb, Leo has a goti too, not a heart but circle

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What a cutie! And I love the name too.
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Awwwwww My Pleasure Sandi , I love coming here everyday and catching up with my buddies! Have Fun with Charm and Also Cookie I lurrrrve the goatie

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Hey, Sandie - can I come play with her too? she looks so cute!! I bets she's tons and tons of fun!!
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I'm so jealous!!! Congrats to you!! She is beautiful!!! I think you need to name her Trinity..
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She is so tiny. Enjoy your new cutie.
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Hi all,

I'll try to answer all the ?'s I can remember:

Charm was born February 27, 2003 (so about 11 weeks old?)

We have her in a seperate room (my bedroom) right now so it's not too overwhelming for any of the furpeople. Also, she has an appt. with the vet tomorrow morning. I think we'll be putting the screen door (just like we did with Lucky) on the door after about 10 days. I think she may have worms - she's been wormed once already (April 23), but last night she was trying to cough something up (not sure if it would be a hairball or worms). Therefore, the other pets know she's there, but haven't met face to face. Well, our lab saw her and Charms tail got big and fluffy just from the sight of her. Lucky is acting a little different (which I'm chalking up to yet another change for that poor girl - she got extra playtime last night - just so she doesn't forget how loved she is). Kitty seems pretty indifferent right now. I'm expecting the Comfort Zone Feliway plug in any day and thinking how it will be just in time.

Nunny, sure you're welcome to come play - she LOVES to play and play and play.

Even though she's so tiny (and she really is) she can make it up on my bed. She would not sleep in "her" bed last night - she kept coming out and laying on my chest.

She was spayed May 14th and on the form it stated: unweaned.
She kneads my arms, legs, any bare skin available and then licks, licks, licks. Hmmmmm...is she still trying to nurse? I thought the kneading was indicating that very thing. Now, when she trys that, I'll take her to her dish and she'll eat some of her food.

I don't mind that she's sleeping on me, but I was so terrified of rolling over on top of her that I slept very lightly last night. (Did I care? Heck no.).

This am she was hopping around on the bed like a bunny - after some unseen (to me) object. It was so cute, I wish I'd have had a video camera nearby.
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So cute, and I love the markings. Charm is a great name. She looks like she is non-stop into the playing.
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Your kitty is really charming and the name Charm suits her perfectly, imho!
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Charm is charming me to the end of the earth!!! :flash:

How adorable!!

Charm reminds me of Jamie, Tricia's kitty.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Oh my gosh...Shirley, Daisy and Venus are precious!!!

Thanks you guys - for all your kind comments! I just love that we can all share in our joy for cats together!

Here are a couple more photo's:

Charm is using her scratching post!
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BTW, I think it's great the way a lot of you are using "charm" in your descriptions of her - it makes me smile.

She sleeps on my chest at night, but I caught this after she came home - I had to put a large blanket in the pet bed as she was drowning in the thing otherwise. She had a vet appt. today and she's 2.2 pounds.
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Um, Sandi? Where did you get a clone of Ophelia? She even has the white stop of her back that is almost exactly like Ophelia's, and the black spots on the back of her legs. This is starting to freak me out!

She is so adorable, Charm is the purrfect name for her. She is a charming little thing! Love how she's sleeping in her bed.
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sandi Charm is so cute! her back also looks similar to my Leo's if you swap the black for grey!

congrats again and enjoy her! Play and Play.....and play!!

when I see those cute pics I just wanna pick her up!!!
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It's amazing how much the likenesses between the cats are.

Don't let her fool you in that precious little picture in her pet bed. She sleeps in my bed - on me and she is a holy terror around 5 am. Now she's really biting at my knees and feet and it's going right through the comforter. She hasn't broken skin yet, but this am I just kept telling her "no" and "ow" and then finally after trying to get her attention on toys (to no avail), I would put her on the floor. It seems like she got the message, but I know I'm in for it again tomorrow.

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