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I've Finally made 1500!

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And I didn't even notice!!! Hurah for me and thanks to my for letting me know!
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Woo hoo! Another blabber mouth!

What's your title going to be?
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Way to go Teresa! Now you just need to change your title.
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YAY! Good job Teresa! Got an ideas for your title yet? I'm terrible at making up those, but if I happen to stumble across a good one I'll let ya know!
Way to go and Congrats!
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HEY! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, but I can't get over the fact ME bet YA..mwahahha
way to go sis!!
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Woohoo!!! Congratulations!
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Yay, Teresa! Party time!
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WoooooHooooo I am almost there and have no clue on my title yet....
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Congratulations Teresa! We all better get our thinking caps on and comeup with some good names.
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Very well done, what else can I say
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Woohoo! Congrats!
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Teresa, I just noticed this thread!!!!

Way to go!

I must tell - it was a pleasure reading your posts (and pm's )

Waiting for the next 1500!!!

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Way to go Teresa!! Wooooohooooooo!!!!!!!
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Wow, congrats Teresa!!!
:daisy: :daisy:

I look forward to see your new title!
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CONGRATULATIONS TERESA!!!!!!! I agree - looking forward to the next 1500!!!!!!

As to that title.... How about Persian Princess? Or Persian Princesses or Persian Princes (you breed persians, right?)
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