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And so it goes..........

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Today my beloved soulmate Wieland passed away. He was only 6 yrs old. As everyone knows my kittys have had a cold. Wieland seemed to be the healthlyist of all 7. I would say he was better from the cold.

Wieland was a VERY energetic, spunky, climb the walls type of cat. His vet once told us he needed to calm down alittle or one dat he might have a heart attack. I guess today was that day.

I woke up at 6am(for no reason) and he was fine, I went back to lay down and I could hear them playing and a thud. I was drozy and they are always knocking things over so I thought nothing of it. Then the tiny Licorice came in and was like drawing me out to living room, when I got up to check there Weiland was, all puffy and not breathing. I tried to do CPR but he was already gone.

Life is too short, He is the one who helped me through my fathers death, he was my friend, my child, my heart and I know he will continue to watch out/over me from the spot reserved in my soul forever.

PS I know I should have wrote this in the other thread but as with Debby and Merlin our friends are here in the lounge.

And thank you in advance for any blessings you may send my way.

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Oh Dali, I'm so sorry to hear this. So unexpected and tragic......
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Oh mate, I'm so sorry your Wieland has passed away. Just know that I'm thinking of you and sending prayers your way.
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Oh, Dali, I'm so sorry! You will be in my prayers.
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Oh Dali dear,
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My heart aches for you and your furbabies right now. Wieland will be terribly missed by you and everyone here. Sending you lots of thoughts, prayers and hugs too!

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Ohh That's so sad I'm so sorry for your loss, Your in my thoughts {hugs} Love Sam
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I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. You are in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry for your lose.God bless you and hold you in your time of pain. Sherral
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I am so very sorry to hear of Wieland's passing. Sending you hugs and headbumps from the kitties.
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I very sorry about your loss.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your little guy's passing. You'll both be in my thoughts.
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Dali - so sorry about poor little Wieland. Are you going to find out what the cause of death was?

Be strong and give your other kitties extra-special hugs - they'll be missing their little chum too.
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Thank you all so much........

Yola--to have Wieland odtopseed(sp?) was going to cost $950. BUT the main reason I'm not doing that is, I think he need all his kitty parts in place for where he is now, although I did snip his one whisker that he always curled up when he got pissed to keep.

Everyone else, the six-pack now (not the original but Licorice is fond of me) has been pretty ok. Just daily life,huh, for them. Except Maple she's been crying all day and all night. They were "my" kittys and were best friends w/each other, I just keep huging her and singing to her. She'll sing back and it seems to calm her.---I have to go for now my keybroad is laidan w/ tears.......
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I am just now reading this and I am so sorry to hear poor sweet Wieland passed away so suddenly....(((((HUGS)))))
I have no words that may comfort you, but just know he will forever be in your heart....My heart goes out to you.....
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Oh, sweet Dali, thats so sad... Im so sorry for your loss!

Please be strong, and you will see the rest of the gang will comfort you.

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I'm sorry you lost Wieland. ((((Hugs)))))
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