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A Goodbye Post - especially dedicated to AngelzOO <3

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This is a thread especially written on behalf of Angel (username AngelzOO.)

As many of you already know, Angel has made a lot of invaluable contributions at the "Our Feline Companion" pages.

She has left TCS, and would like to wish everyone the very best in all endeavors. She would like to say goodbye to all the members of TCS, and wishes everyone well.

i only have the kindest regards for Angel. She is a very straightforward gal, and is expressive in her views and thoughts.

Angel has a heart of gold, and i wish Angel the very best, and will of course, will be keeping in touch with her

Please feel free to send an email or chat with Angel at:

Via email: angelcumbersom@adelphia.net

Via AIM: asukaKattzu

Via MSN: u_mosh@hotmail.com

Smiles and lots of cheers!
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Awwwwwww. Bye Angel mate. We'll miss you!!

Take care.
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I will miss your zany sense of humor and radical ideas. You kept this place hopping and brought a different way of looking at things I found refreshing and thought provoking. I will email and chat with you often so you can keep me up to date on what is happening with you!
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Oh, we'll miss you, Angel! I wish you the best of luck in life!
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Why did Angel leave , I had a few good conversations with her , Good Luck in Life Hun and your in my thoughts
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I'm also wondering why Angel left. I didn't really get a chance to know her yet. I wish her the very best as well. She can always come back if she misses us.
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Angel, I'll miss you! Best luck for the future! Tell your kitties and ferrets that I will miss seeing them in pictures.
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Thanks to all who replied to the dedication thread. :

Sam and Sandi : you could email Angel your queries about her leaving. i think she is the best person to provide a clear explanation.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Good bye Angel!
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I will really miss Angel, I have looked forward to seeing her posts and information on the cat site, she will be missed!
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Good Luck Angel! I have enjoyed reading your posts.
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Mmmm maybe not it would sound rude , I your avatar and your new siggy Shirley
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Sorry to see you leave Angel.. I am sure you have your good reasons for it , but just know you are always welcome to come back if you want to...(((hugs)))
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:flash: Thanks all again for your kind words.. i am sure Angel would appreciate it!

Sam: the new avatar is a headshot of my Daisy. She was such a little cute one with big ears...teehee!!

i try to update my signature pix every now and then... i guess i really enjoy updating them...

Smiles to all and have a great week ahead!!

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This is so sad. I really liked Angel. I think she is very unique and not afraid to put it all out there. She is also very intelligent. The care and health section is going to miss her greatly.
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Thanks, Tamara, for such kind words.

i am sure Angel really appreciate all the kindness and sweetness that were bestowed upon her.

i posted her email address incorrectly in the beginning thread. However, i managed to fix that today.

So, feel free to email her if you have any questions or to keep in touch.

i would like to say a big "THANKS" again to Gothic_Amethyst, Malynn, Felicia's Mom, and Kathy for your sweetness.

Smiles and Cheers!
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