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i love cats!

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Hi every one. I'm just saying hey! This seems like a great board and i can't to hear about everyone's cats and cats tories. I love cats! I have two cats, Pollock and Crick, both about 4 years old that i got in college. About a month ago i lost Watson, who was Crick's littermate. when i talk about my cats, i always still think that i have three, but then i remember there are only two. i miss watson a lot but i still have two beautiful kitties!

take care,


here's a link to my kitty's picture[url=http://www.geocities.com/josiecat33/pics/crick.jpg[/URL] [IMG]Crick[/IMG]
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From one teacher to another, welcome to The CatSite!.
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Welcome to the site Josie! If you love cats, this is defintely the place for you to be.

I hope you enjoy yourself here. Many of us are full-fledged Cat Site Addicts. I hope you join in our addiction.
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Haha addicted is an understatement ..LOL hehe
Have Fun and WELCOME!!
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Hi Josie! Seems like a common thing here... loving cats. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

And Heidi, I think "addiction" might not be a strong enough word anymore...
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Hi and welcome, Josie!

Smiles and cheers!
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well-well, Welcome!
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