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To Anne:

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Hi. Just wanted to make sure everything is ok with you and family. Everytime I read the news lately, it seems as though something awful is happening in Israel. Each time I hope and pray that it hasn't affected you directly. It really touches me in a unique way to think about how I worry more about current events all over the world, because it seems as though now I have friends in these places, due to this site. Take care of yourself, hubby, all cats and dogs, and new baby too!
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Thanks Deb!

We're all fine, just upset over what's going on. Israel has declared a unilateral ceasefire a week ago and in return we got terror acts virtually everyday! They are usually pretty bad at that and end up with only the terrorist being killed by the bomb, but this Friday they had major "success" 18 kids were killed while queing for a club... Dozens of others are seriously injured.

So, this was not a nice weekend, especially after 20 or so people were killed last weekend in a building collapse (not the terrorists' fault that one ). This is a very small country - only 6 million people, so whenever a disaster like this strikes everyone's glued to the tv and feels the pain.

Thanks for caring!
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I'm thrilled to know you and yours are all right! Hearing about the situation there brings me back to a darker time in my own life, when my comrades and me figured we'd not get out of the combat zone alive. I pray for all the innocents there, who are trying to live "normal" lives in spite of the horrible tragedies which seem to occur all too regularly.

I join Deb 25 in expressing concern over your safety. I shall pray for peace, as that is all I can do.

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Anne....I too am worried about you, and will say a prayer. There seems to be so much unrest over there.
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Thanks Mr. Cat and Debby!

Things seem to be better this week. Arafat has finally agreed to a ceasefire and I hope it'll last for a while.

Don't worry too much about this. We don't actually see any violence around us - it's all in the occupied territories. The scary thing is the terror attacks like the one that took place in Tel Aviv last weekend (so far 20 kids were killed - some of the badly injured died this week). But it's rare and there's nothing to be done about it. Hey, the worst terror attack I can recall took place in Oklahoma city, so I guess nowhere is really safe.
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Anne, I too pray that things will get better in Israel. I hope because I want to visit the Holy Land in Jerusalem someday soon. Is there any fighting over there?
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You know, Israel on the whole is really quite safe. Nobody's trying to hurt tourists.

When things are heated, east Jerusalem could have it's share of violent demonstrations. Terror attacks are quite random and can be anywhere (but are far less dangerous than car accidents - here or elsewhere - just to put things in perspective).

There's a lot to see outside of Jerusalem too, though the city itseld is a must. Are you looking for a Christian kind of trip?
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Yes, I do. I am not doing it right away. When I start to work and have money saved up, I want to go with my boyfriend and my two children.

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I'm sure you will enjoy this trememndously. Let me know when you need more info.
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Anne....I am glad to hear you are safe!!! I too was worried! I would love to someday see the holy lands of Isreal....my brother was there, and took a tour, and said he walked where Jesus walked, and saw galalee, gesemanee (I know that is spelled WAY wrong) but anyway....you get the picture...he took the whole tour...even saw where Christ was buried.....I would love to see that, and visit it!!!!!!!!! I hope someday I can!!!!!!
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