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How good is your English?

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Take this quiz and find out!
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I scored 8/10! I have always loved English, I almost majored in it!
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Hi! I scored 10/10. I would have been horrified if I'd scored lower - I'm an English teacher!
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That was fun- I scored 9/10!
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I done real good I dun take test I speak good english but. Nothink an nobody can tell me I aint.
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Hey y'all! I scored 10/10!
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PS - I got 9/10.
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LOL Tania! You right, you done good!
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8/10 and I DID major in English! LOL Probably should have done, I just woke up - does that count???
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yay 10/10.. i majored in english for a half a semester lol, no more lit classes!!
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I surprised myself...I got 7 out of 10! When I reviewed the results, I missed easy ones! Duh!
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9/10 - Hewked On Fonicks Werked Fer Me!

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LOL! Oh Look Kim came out to play! Hi Kim!
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LOL! Just got out of my "TimeOut" Chair!

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I got 7/10 correct
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LOL OMG I only got 4/10.hehehe
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i scored 8/10, but i teach english as a second language! what was i thinking? maybe i'm just tired. i have a MA in linguistics, what's wrong with me??? hee hee
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9/10 here which I find surprising... I'm much better in math.
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I scored 10/10!
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10 out of 10 too!!!! I would've been seriously disgusted with myself if I'd got any less . . .
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8/10... hmmm... I'm a bit dissapointed - I missed the really silly one!!!
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My score was 10, but I'm an English teacher too, so there's no room to brag! Sam. I'll see you after school! (Don't worry; we don't spank at TCS.)
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I got 6/10. I would have gotten 9/10 if I hadn't second guessed myself on 3 of them.
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