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I finally got my camera to work. So I thought I share some more recent pictures of my three little kitties.

This is of Mischief. Mischief is smaller than Niko and Isis is destined to get bigger then her. She earned her name.
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The next is of Niko. Niko is the sweetest cat I have ever met. She comes to the door when I come home to meet me (she watches me arrive as I walk by the window), she loves to lay in my lap and just be pet and pet. When she was a kitten we gave her kisses on the bridge of her nose. She still asks for kisses when she is feeling very affectionate.

This picture is Niko and Isis playing. They don't do that very often, but when they do it is hilarious. Niko likes getting as far back as possible and patting Isis on the head to keep her away.
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aww, what a cutie
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Wow...what unique colored eyes Mischief has! They're almost scary! Beautiful cats!!
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And then there is Isis, our newest addition of three weeks and the reason I came to this board. Isis is an Egyptian Mau and is everything we had hoped for. We called her Isis before she was born, so when she arrived there was no chance for name change. But looking at her reminds me of an Oreo Blizzard you get at Dairy Queen. She is silver with lots of little black spots, and on her belly she is more white with larger black spots. She's curious, playful, and very loving. The funniest thing is she's the youngest but rules the apartment. The other two just kind of watch her with slight confusion, but in the end Isis gets her way.
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your cats are so pretty! what nice markings!
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Yea, I always kind of wondered about Mischief's eyes. I had seen one other cat in my time with the same, but I hadn't seen many other cats before her. She seems to have the largest eyes, and is very intelligent. I have pictures of Mischief as a kitten which are adorable. I'll have to scan them in sometime and post them.

Thanks for the compliments.
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They're all absolutely beautiful!
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Awww! You have such pretty cats!
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What beautiful kitties you have! Michief has gorgeous eyes! Actually, there is another kitty on the site that has the same bright amber eyes. Ash's New Cut is the latest thread with his pics (he got a lion cut).

I LOVE watching the "bop you on the head" game. It is so funny. And Isis (LOVE her name, especially for a Mau!) is so unique looking. I've never seen markings quite like hers. She does look like an Oreo Blizzard!
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Xastion, your babies are darling!
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Oh my, you have some very beautiful furbabies. I definitely look forward to seeing more pictures!
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I that game, they just go on + on about the taps...
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