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awwwwwww how cute!!!!!!!!!!!

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I let marble play with the white kittens again today since they are going to be living together soon and today snowwhite started cleaning him!! I just sat there and watched. She is such a good mommy! She even wants to take care of him! He is alittle hyper and more playful (pounce on and smacks the kittens that are two weeks younger then him) so I don't want to leave him with them until they get alittle bigger (even though they are the same size he is just rougher and faster!), but it is nice to see that snowwhite is such a caring momma. Granet seems to be much happier now that he is getting play time with the white kittens. I think marble is alittle high strung of him.
Neo put marble in his place today they were play nice and then marble got all crazy and started runned around fast and attacking my feet!!! So neo walked over to him, got down on his level and hissed and then walked away. marble sat there for a few minutes thinking about what just happend neo is going to be a good big brother!
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That is so great that they are getting along so well. Welcome to the wonderful world of the multi-multi cat family!! The more the merrier.
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That's so sweet! SnowWhite is indeed a wonderful kitty mum.
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