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what do you kitties bowls look like?

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I had bought an extra three bowls since I thought we were keeping three kittens and now that we are keep four kittens I had to buy another! So it made me think...what do your cats bowls looks like?

This is the food bowl they have (in dark blue)
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and this is the large water bowl (i have three of them) i got the pics of http://www.drsfostersmith.com
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Oh Gods, Val, you're just too coordinated for me!

We have a variety of bowls in just about every color. 2 of them are blue double-feeder bowls, two are fluorescent pink bowls, one is a large grey bowl, and then there is one each of red, blue and green. Not everyone eats at the same time, so that works just fine.

For water, they have a drinkwell fountain.
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When it was just moe and neo they had pfalzgraff bowls that matched my dished I really realllyyyy want ones that say kitty on them that pfaltzgraff used to make. I would have to buy 6 of them and then get water dishes to match I used to have other sets of bowls but I don't know where they are. I really need to to them them. Ashton has been eating out off of my good dishes and bowls
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I feed my cats in stainless steel bowls, they are easy to clean and cant break them, and they drink from a fresh flow fountain.
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Val, is the Pfaltzgraff outlet still in Flemington? I used to go there with my mom when I lived at home. Otherwise, there's always good ol' eBay...
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yep there is still one there! that is a long drive for me though. There is also one in rohobeth beach (spelling??) you take the cape may fairy to get there and there are a ton of outlets! Dh and I might drive there in the rv as a test trip. I could use some more pflatzgraff stuff. I would like to have two sets of dishes so i can put on in the dishwasher. My kitty babies spoiled! I just hope that my boss keeps liking me! It is nice to have alittle money again.
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I didn't know there was one in Rehoboth too. I am there at least once a month for my work. If you know what you want and send me a photo, I will see if I can find it for you. Let me know!
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Cool! I'll have to look at the website and see if they have what I want and then I can send ya a pic
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Pfalzgraff? Them are some fancy bowls! My kittys are drinking out of cornning ware casserole dishs i got from the thrift store. They are huge, but i wanted somthing taller to make it easy to drink. I learned that from this cat site!
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our dishes of pflatzgraph so i figured there's should be too then i found those cute paw prints one and liked them so i got them that.
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I have one PetMate Self Feeder and one PetMate Self Waterer in my room. My feeders are white, not purple! I have 2 stainless steel dishes for upstairs. The kittens have tiny little crystal dishes that are kept in their play area!

PetMate Self Feeder and Waterer

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We have 3 different colors in enough bowls for the 7...well 6 now, they pink-fish, blue-paws, and white-kittys all round and heavy. I remember Loki use to tip the steel ones over too much.
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Because I'm usually busy with lots of kittens, I've found it easier to feed my kitties with disposable bowls. They also have three non-tip water bowls around the house and a self-feeder for their dry food. Any glass of water of mine is also their water bowl.
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