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How do you open a cat rescue?

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I checked out our zoning laws and we are zoned for chickens and pigs but not cats So I would have to go to the zoning board...but anyway, i was wondering how you open at cat rescue. We would just like to do a small no kill shelter for the sweet cats at the spca that just aren't given enough time. Hubby and I would like to start one with in the next five years. If I can manage to keep working full time we should have our moragage and credit cards paid off in about five years. that would give us money to really do a nice rescue, but I wanted to start trying to get things in order now so i know what steps I need to take when the time does come. Does anyone have any ideas or website links?
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Val, I'm sure you'll see my post about my computer crashing, and I really have to go, but check out this site:

www.bestfriends.org and head to their No More Homeless Pets campaign and resources sections. Should help.

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Val I dont know every thing, But to designate youself as a cat rescue is to open your self up to all sorts of laws. Its most likly better for you to just rescue the cats as you have been doing,you cat angel. There are alot of us here who think,"if i would win the lottery" i would have a cat shelter but you are doing it one cat at a time for real! You are a total cat sweetie !
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i know there will be a ton of laws but I really want to do it the right way and be able to advertise and stuff. Our aspca charges 15 dollers to drop off a cat! I think that is why so many just get dumped. So if I can save a few spca cats and then maybe take a few in from people that just can't pay the 15 dollers that is what I would like to do. I figure if I start reading and planning now when the time comes I can get everything in order, will know the laws and make sure I will be able to follow all the laws
Luckly my hubby is as into the idea as I am, so he wanted me to start learning about it. We even have a name picked out ©whisker's list. He thought of that name when we rescued "lola" She was adopted be a nice girl he works with that just bought her first home. It was easy to give her up because she has long hair and when i got to hold her my eyes started ichy!
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Val, I'm still catching up on all I missed this past week or so.... how's the research going? Hope the site was helpful...

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I'm still just doing alot of reading. I decided to do a website for my unoffical rescue http://www.whiskerslist.com
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Val - The site looks good, Good Luck!!! You might want to look into how many cats you can "house" before being considered a hoarder or a Rescue Shelter and getting into legal trouble.... Just a thought that will helpfully allow things to continue going smoothly for you.

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i think we are supposed to have four I'm okay until the kittens stop nursing I have to look up NJ and Vineland Laws and see what I have to do. It is so hard to weed out the good info from the bad on the net!
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Val, go to www.animallaw.com which will let you do a search on all the animal legislature for your (and any other) state. On the "Search Legislation/Law" page, choose "Laws" at the top, then I would guess "Companion Animals" and/or "Animal Control" from the list (although I'm pretty sure Animal Control refers to the state funded shelters), your state and search. It will bring up links to all of the laws on the books pertaining to your search item. VERY helpful site! It doesn't have local laws, but go to your town/county website and that should at least get you in contact with the right people.
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I've been meaning to buy my boys some collars, to help tell them apart (you'll understand when i get my pics posted) I think the ones you sell are just darling so maybe that will help you a bit. Also once you decide how you are going to do it i would be open to donating some of my time to help you with your web design i am capable of doing flashmovies(basic to intermidiate), html, and minimal java. Please dont think i'm knocking your site, it looks fine the way it is :P i'm just offering as much help as i can, wich at this time is my time
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i just looked at the site on my computer at work and the layout looks funny i guess this computer is different then the one at home. I'm going to have to play with my setting again and see if I can get it look right on all computer
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Looks like you run 800x600 resolution on the one you designed it on, and it's tileing, lemme take a look real fast and see if you can just untile it :P /looking

Place this under your body background line

<body style="background-image: url('http://www.whiskerslist.com/background.jpg'); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: scroll; background-position: center top">

i've inserted it here and you could just copy paste the following:

bah that would just be too much text, ok better idea, you can save the retouched code here


hope you dont mind me doing that, if you do i'll delete it pronto and never touch your code again BTW this only works for the one page,.. you'll have to replace your body background line with the line i mentioned above, i didnt copy any of your images or anything, only the converted txt file from viewing your source code. No hacking or nothing
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thank you i'll do it when I get home. I use a page builder because i'm not so hot with html but i'm great at coping html into place
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i can't get the code because i have a right click block on I'll have to play with it when i get home!!
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highlight it and Ctrl+C

or go under edit to copy
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Your website looks great! Good luck in starting your new cat rescue.
You have a typo on the page...
"The cats always seem to find us with out there owners"
should read...
"The cats always seem to find us without their owners"

Good luck!
Keep us posted on how your research is going

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