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Was I ever embarrassed!

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I'm so embarrassed right now...I just can't believe I did that!
Here's the scoop:
For Mother's Day, I bought my Mom some new clothes since she never buys any for herself. I bought her this really cute outfit. It was a green plaid short sleeved shirt with matching greenish-khaki colored capri pants. Well, Mom isn't a small woman by any means so I kind of guessed on her size. When she opened her gifts, she was so happy and loved the outfit...until she tried it on. The shirt was perfect, but the pants were HUGE! Unfortunately, there wasn't any smaller sizes available. Tonight Mom and I went to WalMart to exchange them for something different. She was just making casual conversation with the clerk about how big those pants were and wondered if they were mismarked. The clerk looked at the tag and say "No wonder they were so big...THEY'RE MATERNATY PANTS!". I swear I could have just died of embarrassment! Mom got a BIG chuckle out of it and now won't let me live it down. I told her I was sticking to buying her knickknack stuff and no more clothes shopping for her!

Just had to share this with ya'll! At least Mom's got a sense of humor about it all!
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boy, was your face red!
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Well, it was "Mother's Day"!
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Shell you crack me up!!
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Thats too funny! Just be glad it was your mom and not your mother in law! Moms kinda laugh things off, but not mother in laws!!
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Now that is funny! Wishing for that little brother or sister you never had?
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We both laughed about it til we cried! I still can't believe I didn't notice it...but she didn't either! She did make the comment "Were ya trying to tell me something here? God only knows I don't need another child at my age!".

It was just too comical! I will learn to read those tags a lot closer the next time I buy clothes for other people!
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It's nice to know there are other people out there, besides me, who make stupid mistakes!! I'm sure this legend will be told for years to come in your family.
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Shell, I can only imagine the look on your face when you found out. I woulda loved to have been a fly on that wall!
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I've gone past the stage of laughing I'm crying
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Ohh my!! well, at least she didn't get offended about it...) That is funny though
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LOL Shell, I'm sooooo glad you both were able to laugh about it. And don't let it put you off buying clothes for your mum. Like you said, she would never buy them for herself!

I love it when I try something on and it's too big, it reminds me I'm not at the top end of the sizes (YET)!!
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heehee, did the clerk laugh too?
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Aw, Shell, I'm catching up here, but I when I opened the thread, I was expecting some horror story... not this, LOL!!!!!!!
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Shell, it is the THOUGHT that counts and matters the most.

Stay sweet!

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