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It's working!

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Several years ago there was a major campaign here to spay and neuter pet cats, and trap and neuter ferals. I noticed last spring when I was feeding some ferals that there were no kittens, and no obviously pregnant females. I have checked the paper regularly, and there have been almost no "free to good home" ads. There has been only one ad this week, and they are asking only enough to cover the first shots, and to discourage people that do bad things to free animals. I am quite sure there sre still cats that need homes, and there are still some at the shelters, but not nearly as many. If the shelters here do not get overly full, they do not euthanize. Apparently the numbers have declined over the past 3 years. I was thrilled to hear that! The ferals I had been feeding were relocated to make way for a civic center, but at least they were taken to a safe place and released, and not killed.
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that is great!
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That is fantastic! It's always good to hear the success stories of TNR and education programs.
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Wonderful news! May the "cure" continue to spread!
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That's terrific! I agree with Hissy... I wish it would spread.
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That is such good news! I'm glad the message is getting through.
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WOO HOO!!!!! I can't imagine better news than this! Thanks for sharing - what GREAT news!!!!!

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