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Chew Toys for Cats?

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Sasha has a chewing fetish. He loves paper, plastic, cardboard, books and catalogs...

Are there any chew toys made for cats? Would a canine chew toy work? Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.
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My cats adore to chew such things! We don't have any special things for cats and I usually buy gristles for them. They like it!
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I had bought chew toys for moe and neo, they were to clean there teeth. I think I got them at www.petco.com but i'm not sure. Look around at the teeth care stuff, I think they might have some in there. The vet said it was okay for them to chew on puppy chew toys but to be careful because kitty teeth aren't as strong as dog teeth and they could break a tooth!
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We just bought a new lawnmower, and he is going to town on the huge box it came in..chew, chew, chew...
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I bought my guys a cat Kong. I figured the dog loves his, so why not the cats, and they all love chewing on it and bopping it around
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How old is Sasha? Is he teething because of losing baby teeth or are his teeth sore? Sometimes kitties are trying to soothe a sore spot in the mouth by chewing. Just a thought to be safe.
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Teresa, he is 5 1/2 yrs old. He has very stron adult teeth, as I found out when he mistook my finger for the IKEA catalog that I was trying to get away from his chompers the other day. I got a huge bite hole in my thumb and needed antibiotics! Big cat, big teeth

He's a 25+ lb Ragdoll, BTW, that we found at our local SPCA. He's a dark seal colorpoint, quite a handsome guy.
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I'd love to see a picture of Sasha! Wow, that is a big cat!

Mischief is like that as well. She feels the need to bite everything at least once. New furniture? Bite. New book? Bite. New magazine? Bite. She particularly likes phone books, as she not only can chew on them but can use them as a scratching post at the same time. We loose many phone books this way.

Sadly I haven't found anything to satisfy her need to use her teeth on everything. She used to do it on a catnip toy we had, but Niko claimed it as hers, and Mischief hasn't bothered with it since.
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neo really likes to chew on pig ears that the dogs get.
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That's still on my to do list....invent a good kitty chew toy/kitten teething ring.

Plastic straws work well with the teething....actually mine are 3 years old and they still love playing with/chewing on straws.
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My kitty is a bit wierd< I think. She likes to chew on wood. Her current favorite is a small 1" paint brush. The handle is unfinished wood; no paint or varnish. She really chomps on that. She wwill also steal makkeup brushes and chomp on the handles of those. I've evven caught her chewing on the legs of a couple of TV traays. Silly Kitty!!

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