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The ice broke!!!

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When the temperature hits 100, for the first time, we refer to it as "the ice breaking, in the Santa Cruz River". (The Santa Cruz is dry). At this very moment, the temperature is 103 and Bill STILL hasn't got our cooler going!

Every ceiling fan in the house is on high, all of the screened windows are open, as are the front and back doors. Buddy is sprawled on the bathroom floor, Opie is at the front door, Rowdy is at the back and the dogs are comatose, on the patio.

As for me, I'm sitting under a ceiling fan, spritzing myself, with a spray bottle of water. Between the fan and the breeze through my window, I'm not out of it, yet.
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But is a dry heat ,right? I hope! When its hot in wisconsin, it is so humid, its sticky and wet like being in a sauna. And you never feel dry. When it get up into the 100s, some of our old folks go to heaven.
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I am sure the heat is easier to deal with than over here where I'm at..the humidity is soo bad it makes it feel hotter than it is.....
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Wow, that's quite hot. It's only 59 degrees here. Really, it's the humidity that kills me over the heat, but unfortunately, here in NEPA, humidity is what we get.
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Our heat index has had it feeling like over 100 here for over 2 weeks now. Sometimes I hate Florida.....
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It was only 56 here and rainy. Send us about 15 degrees, we'll both be better off that way!
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it was 52 here...
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I went out and sprayed the dogs, with the hose. Ike didn't like it but Pearl was jumping around. While I was at it, I sprayed ME, too. THAT guilted Bill into hooking up the patio mister, which drops the temp by about 10 degrees. I've stripped down, as far as I can and still go outside - shorts and a bikini top. My hair is clipped up and I have a wet bandanna tied around my head. What a fashion plate!
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it is 53 here! Send us some !!!!
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This has been a bad spring with all the tornadoes and floods in this part of the country. Our temps have been yoyoing between the high 80's and the high 60's. I'm ready for summer to set in. Hope you get your a/c back soon!
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The one summer here in Ontario, I lived above a restaurant and I swear it was 120 up in my place, the bathtub was my bed for quite a few days, unless I had to go to work or go out, I was in my birthday suit!

Last summer here in Ontario we had a stretch of 40C weather which makes it dangerous for a lot of folks, I have to wear a dark blue uniform at work, and sitting behind a big windshield doesn't help and the a/c may as well not be on, in fact because of the many medications I am on, there were many days I didn't show up to work because it would have made me critically ill.
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i am running my space heater and shivering.
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I dumped two trays of ice, in the dogs' water pan and they went NUTS! Pearl was grabbing ice cubes and crunching them up. She let Ike get a couple of them. I'll do that again, today, as it will be just as hot.

Yesterday's high of 103 broke the record for this date - 102.
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Whoa Cindy! That is waaaaaay to hot! We're just coming into the cooler season over here. The only way I make it through Summer is knowing that Winter will be coming.
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Please send some up north. BBBRRRRRRRRRR, today my house inside is freezing but outside is warm in the sun, but still sweater weather.
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Well, Bill got the cooler going, this morning. It should have been done, a month ago and been ready for use, when the weather got hot. Maybe, I'll be a ble to sleep, tonight.

Since the dogs are outside, I'll give them some more ice cubes, today.
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Originally posted by Deb25
Our heat index has had it feeling like over 100 here for over 2 weeks now. Sometimes I hate Florida.....
Amen, Deb!

At the Mall today it was 105º in my Explorer with the window cracked, parked in the shade....when I started driving, the thermostat read 97º all the way home. It's Nasty out there—I bet a person could burn in less than 5 minutes today!

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